Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So a new January and a New Year has begun.

I checked to see if there were any New Year’s Day babies in the
family tree and found several, but the one that caught my eye
was Moses Coburn(Colburn, Colborn, Colbourne, etc.) who was
born 1 Jan 1702 in Dracut, Middlesex County, Ma. I wrote before
about his son Moses who emigrated to New Brunswick with other
New Englanders after the French and Indian Wars. His grandson
Moses was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and I’ll be blogging
a transcription of his Pension Request File sometime this year.

I hadn’t googled the name and variations on Coburn for a bit and
when I did it last night I came up with yet another Moses
Coburn, this one Moses B. (Bradstreet) Coburn, a Revolutionary
War veteran and probably a first or second cousin to my Moses
…er…Moseses…Mosi…er…my ancestors.

I found a letter describing the sad condition of his final resting
place, one which is all too common now in many cases. Even
sadder is the inexplicable fact that the newspaper the letter was
sent to, the Lowell Sun, chose not to publish it.

Moses B. Coburn’s grave lies in an forgotten cemetery in Lowell,
Claypit Cemetery in Lowell, Ma. You can find Rebecca Duda’s
letter about Moses B. Coburn and more information about
Claypit Cemetery, Dracut, and Lowell at this page. It's part of
an educational website, PrimarySearch, and the whole site is
well worth your attention.

How many other of our veteran and other ancestors now lie in
unknown graves here in our country? It’s shameful.

They should not be forgotten.

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