Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Things I need to write:

A post about Grandpa West stationed at Camp Devens during
the Spanish Influenza Outbreak DONE

A post about the family bible images Aunt Dorothy sent me.
A post on where my ancestors were in 1908. DONE

A post on my memories of Winter. DONE

A post for the next CoG on contacts with hitherto unknown
relatives resulting from my genealogy research. DONE

Multiple posts of transcriptions of the Revolutionary War
pension files that I haven’t done as yet, especially those of the
three Barker brothers.

Posts about my McFarland and White relatives.

Letters to Lisa and Colleen about a possible McCue connection.
HALF DONE(emailed Lisa)

More flutaphone genealogy uses.DONE

I know there’s more. Just can’t think of them this late at night
just before bedtime.

And to think I was worried I’d run out of things to blog about!

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Apple said...

Change a couple of names and your list looks a lot like mine!