Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I think it was Lisa who threw out the question to other
genealogy bloggers as to where their ancestors were 100 years

So, here’s my list as it now stands to the best of my knowledge:

In 1908 my mother’s future parents would each have been 9
years old.

Aggie McFarland no doubt was living at 950 Parker St with her
parents John and Anna (Kelly)McFarland. Edward F. White was
living with his parents Edward J. White and Pauline Offlincher,
possibly still at 33 Ridge St which the 1905 Boston Street
Directory gives as Edward J.’s residence. As to the whereabouts
of their grandparents I do not as yet know or if they were even
alive back in Ireland.

According to Aunt Dot, the Wests were living in Upton, Oxford,
Me. That would have included my 15 year old grandfather Floyd
Earl West Sr., his 13 year old brother Clarence Philip West, their
father, 40 year old Philip Jonathan West, their stepmother, 30
year old Alphonsene Turgeon, their grandfather, 74 year old
Jonathan Phelps West and 71 year old grandmother Louisa
Almata Richardson West.

Great-grandmother Arvilla Ames West had passed away at the
age of 97 the year before while staying with one of her
daughters in Hebron, Oxford, Me.

And my future grandmother Cora Berthella Barker was 9 years
old and probably still living at Vernon St in Bethel, Oxford. Me.
with her father Frank W. Barker and mother Charlott Lovenia
Barker, 43 and 28 years old respectively.

There. One down on my list from last night!

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