Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Denise Olsen over at Family Matters has issued a
challenge to genealogy bloggers to write a post
spotlighting local or family history blogs to help
widen the genealogy online community and
broaden our collective knowledge.

Many folks don’t know that along with
The Genealogue, Chris Dunham has several
several other blogs that focus on Maine. The one I
look at most often is The Oxford County Genealogy
since most of my West family lines come
from that part of Maine and there are excerpts of
diaries and records posted there that are useful to
me. Chris also has the Maine Genealogy site, and
All Things Maine, and is a contributor to
Strange Maine.

And Janice Brown of Cow Hampshire has her
New Hampshire Genealogy & History site with
loads of great links and resources.

Two newer blogs are ones I discovered the other
night on Chris’ Blogfinder: The Maine Genealogical
Society blog and Pennycook: A New England Family
History. Daniel Wing is the owner of Pennycook and
it focuses on the Rumford, Maine area that was
familiar to my family.

I haven’t any new Massachusetts blogs to post
about because the ones I have found haven’t
posted anything for awhile now so I’m nit sure they
are still active. As for on a more local level I’ve yet
to find anything for my area of Plymouth County.
Nor have I seen any blogs on any of my surnames.
(West, Barker, McFarland, White, Coburn, Ames,
Ellingwood, etc.)

But I’m still looking!


Lisa said...

Don't forget my humble contribution to Massachusetts genealogy: A Light That Shines Again.

Bill West said...


My bad! Sorry, Lisa!