Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, I'm a day late with Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy
Fun challenge:

1) Open your genealogy software or family tree program of choice
and make yourself the highlighted person.

2) Find out how to create a Calendar to show birthdays and/or
anniversaries of yourself and all of your ancestors (or all relatives,
or all persons - your choice!). The "Help" button is your friend
here!!! It can be done in all of the current software programs.

3) Create your calendar. Pretty it up if you want. Save it. Can
you show us a page from your calendar - say January 2010?

4) Which of your ancestors (or relatives, or descendants - your
choice!), if any, were born on 30 January?

Have fun with this. How can you use this information during

the coming year?

I regularly use the Calendar function in RootsMagic4 and Personal
Ancestry File to help generate blog posts so I figured this would be
a breeze! I created two calendars in less than 15 minutes and got
ready to upload them here to Blogger.

And that's where the ummm... fun...began. Blogger takes jpg files.
But RM4's calendar is in PDF format, and the PAF is in rich txt.
It's taken me most of the day(except for my break to go to the
laundrymat) to get the RM4 converted. And I still don't know what
I used to do it. It's all a blur. I know I swore.

I swore a lot, actually!

Since I'm posting this on the 31st, I'm going to recognize an
anniversary instead of a birthday. Today is the 145th
anniversary of my ancestors Jonathan Phelps West and
Louisa Almata Richardson who were married on 31Jan 1865!

Friday, January 29, 2010


I mentioned in the last post possible connections between Leonidas
West's wife Valora Abbott and other lines in my family tree. Whenever
I run across anyone with the name Abbott in my research I check
to see if they share my descent from George Abbott (1615-1681)and
Hannah Chandler (1630-1711) of Andover, Ma. Valora's father Otis
Howe Abbott was born in Andover but from everything I've found so
far he was not decended from George but from Thomas Abbott from
a different Abbott family. But there are other connections between
myself and Valora Abbott.

Her 2x great-grandfather John Abbott was married to Hannah Farnum
(Farnham), daughter of Jonathan Farnum and Elizabeth Barker. Through
them Valora shares my descent from Ralph Farnham and Richard Barker,
both of Andover. Ma.

Valora's mother was Sarah Merrill Emery and through her we share
descent from John Emery and Thomas Colby.

I'm not sure what degree of separation there is between myself and
Valora yet. I haven't entered all this into PAF or RM4 yet to calculate it.
What struck me is that all these connections came through my grandmother
Cora Berthella Barker's line, so even before she married my grandfather
Floyd E. West Sr there were remote family ties between them!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This is the latest in a series of posts about the descendants of the
children of John Cutter West and Arvilla (Ames) West in the hopes
it will put me in contact with some of my unknown distant cousins.

John and Arvilla's eighth child was their fourth daughter Arvilla
Electa West who died unmarried at the age of seventeen during the
diptheria epidemic of 1862. (you can read about it here))

Their ninth child was Leonidas West, their fifth son. Leonidas
married Valora Abbott in 1872 and holds the distinction of being
the first West family member(that I know of) to leave New England
and head west, living for a time in Minnesota before moving on to
Washington state. I don't know for sure what prompted the move.
Leonidas was a Civil War veteran; perhaps there was a land grant
he took advantage of using? More likely is that he might have just
been looking for work in farming or thew lumber industry.

I had some information on Leonidas and his children to start out
with and found more online including cousin Zac Anderson's family
tree over on

1. Leonidas West (b.21 Jul 1847-Letter "b" Township,Upton,Oxford,Me;
d.28 May 1932-Brewster,O,Washington)
sp: Valora Abbott (b.25 Aug 1846-Upton,Oxford,Me.;m.18 Jan 1872;
d.24 Mar 1936-Brewster,Okanogan,Wa)
2. Otis Leroy West (b.8 Jan 1873-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota
;d.23 Feb 1939)
sp: Ethel Alvina Hope (b.1879;m.6 Nov 1901)
3. Ernest Lee West (b.12 Feb 1912-Everett,Snohomish Co.,Wa;
d.4 Mar 1977-Tacoma,Pierce Co.,Wa)
sp: Arlene Winifred Hilton (b.26 Dec 1925-Napavine,Lewis,Wa;
d.20 Oct 1993-Tacoma,Pierce,Wa)
4. Alvina West
2. Frank Ernest West (b.27 Mar 1874-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota
;d.20 Aug 1954-Brewster,Okanogan,Wa)
2. Clarinda Britton West (b.22 Apr 1876-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota
;d.2 Aug 1959-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota)
sp: Frank Llewellyn Keller (b.29 Sep 1870-Minneapolis,Hennepin,
Minnesota;m.1 Jun 1899;d.30 Sep 1935-Minneapolis, Hennepin,Minnesota)
3. Russell West Keller (b.22 Nov 1900-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota;
d.Abt 1972)
3. Dorothy Keller (b.2 Jul 1902-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota;
d.17 Jan 1943-Minneapolis,Hennepin,Minnesota)
sp: William Mansford Coffman (b.20 Nov 1903-Salem,Washington,Indiana;
m.23 Nov 1927;d.3 May 1971-Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota)
4. Farrell Jane Coffman (b.1 Jun 1935-Edina, Hennepin,Minnesota;
d.14 Oct 2009-Billings,Yellowstone,Wy)
sp: Robert Stewart (m.8 May 1958)
3. Robert Keller (b.11 Feb 1907-Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota;
d.29 Feb 1964)
sp: Helen Delaney
2. Louisa Belle West (b.20 Mar 1881;d.12 Apr 1960)
sp: Charles McVoy (b.1877;m.1 Jun 1905)
3. Margaret McVoy (b.1907)
3. Marian McVoy (b.1909)

This concludes the series on the descendants of the children of
John Cutter and Arvilla (Ames) West.(Their two youngest children,
Ruth Ellen and David Pingree West perished in the diptheria
epidemic.) I've tried not to include living members of the families
out of respect for their privacy and security. I apologize if I've
inadvertently listed them here.

I'll post some thoughts and corrections on the whole series soon
and I'm in the process of looking into a connection between
Valora Abbott and others of my ancestors.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm a day late on the latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
challenge from Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings. This week's

"Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

* Tell us about your "other" hobbies or interests outside of genealogy
and family history research, writing, speaking, etc.

* Write a blog post of your own, respond with a comment to this post,
or add a comment on the Facebook version of this post."

Well, I'm a rabid Red Sox and Patriots fan and I enjoy Celtic music
but there's one interest that's been consistent in my life since the
third grade.

I've been an avid reader of sf and fantasy since I was eight years
old. That was the year we moved from Malden to Boston and I
was suddenly in easy walking distance to three branches of the
Boston Public Library.The librarian at the Codman Square Library
turned me onto Andre Norton and I was hooked on science fiction.
About the same time my folks bought me a copy of "King Arthur
and the Knights of the Round Table", which eventually led me to
fantasy. For the past fifty years or so I've been buying and reading
books set in the far future or in magical worlds. At one point
I was a member of the Science Fiction Book Club and was getting a
box of books every month from them. Once when I went to the local
post office I heard myself referred to as "the guy who orders that
Buck Rogers stuff."

One outgrowth of that was that eventually I got into online roleplay.
By "eventually" I mean about twelve years ago when I wandered
into an Arthurian themed roleplay channeland where many of the
other players were about my age. (A lot of baby boomers had missed
the D&D explosion which had occurred after we were out of school.).

And the roleplay led me into writing stories and poetry about my
characters, which resulted in two of my poems being published by
Renaissance Magazine last fall!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Three years ago after discovering the geneablogging community
I set out to write my own blog---and failed.

Yes, now it can be told. My first geneablog was a failure. I was new
to this whole idea and started out enthusiastically and wrote
five posts within a few days for my blog which I'd named
West of New England. But when I went to add a new post a day
or so later, I discovered I couldn't recall the password for the blog.
After about a half an hour I gave up and just recreated the blog.
I'd saved what I'd written so I created a new blogger account
and started a new geneablog, West in New England. And that's why
the first five posts are all dated Jan 23,2007.

It's been a fun three years. I've enjoyed being part of the geneablogger
community, both in reading so many great blogs and in sharing what
I've discovered about the many branches of my family tree. This
past year has fairly been productive for me because of all of the
records I've found online that provided so much blogging material, so
much so that I'll soon hit post #700.

I want to thank all those who read West in New England and especially
those who've given me feedback through comments and emails. I really
appreciate that.

I hope all of you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I am enjoying
writing it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For the 89th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy Jasia over at
Creative Gene has given us poetic license:

"This time around we'll be composing a poem that tells our family's history.
It can be long or short, rhyme or not rhyme, funny or serious, illustrated
or not... you choose, but make it appropriate as an introduction for a book
or video on your family history. The challenge is on! The deadline for
submissions is February 1st, 30 submissions accepted."

I have to admit to a lack of self-confidence here. I've written poetry
before but rarely on a set topic or with a deadline. The last time I
did one like this was something I wrote for one of Randy Seaver's
challenges. But making it the introduction to a book about my family
history did help. I've always thought of my family as being one of
the many that came to this country and whose work helped form
the foundation of a new nation, so that's what I based the poem on.

For brevity's sake, I chose to write only about my father's ancestors
and left my mom's Irish ancestors out of this one. So I guess I owe
them a poem!

So here's my Ode to My Family History:

To the reader who may look
Through the pages of this book
That deals with the great mystery
Of our long family history:

For nearly now four hundred years
Our family tree has flourished here
By strength of heart, and back and hand
They made a life in New England.

They cleared the forest with great toil
Planted crops in furrowed soil
And in each acre that they tilled
The promise of a dream fulflled

For them no glory ever came
But they were heroes just the same
The common woman, child and man
Who helped to build this New England.

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is the latest in a series of posts about the descendants of the
children of John Cutter West and Arvilla (Ames) West in the hopes
it will put me in contact with some of my unknown distant cousins.

Clarinda Britton West was John and Arvilla's seventh child and
third daughter. As with others of my West great great grand aunts
and uncles, I started out with information from my Aunt Dorothy
and the Arvilla Ames West Family Bible. But in this instance I
found little information in online databases to add to what I had

1. Clarinda Britton West (b.29 Apr 1841-Letter "b" Township,Upton,Oxford,Me;
d.8 Nov 1900)
sp: Charles Henry Goodwin (m.18 Jan 1864;d.19 Apr 1910)
2. Jane Whittemore Goodwin (b.20 Jul 1865-Upton,Oxford,Me.;d.25 Mar 1
sp: Charles Fred Wiggin (b.Oct 1855;m.1886)
3. Charles G. Wiggin (b.12 Nov 1887)
3. George L Wiggin (b.25 Jun 1889)
3. Lora Wiggin (b.19 Sep 1892)
2. Helen S. Goodwin (b.11 Feb 1875-Carmel,Me.;d.1920)
sp: William Demerritt
2. Josephine Matilda Goodwin (b.25 Mar 1881-Carmel,Me.;d.5 Feb 1963-Carmel,Me.)
sp: Lewis Hanscom
3. Blanche Hanscom (b.6 Aug 1900-Carmel,Penobscot,Me;d.1984-Dover Foxcroft,Piscataquis,Me)
sp: Eugene F.Foss (m.4 Mar 1918)
3. Ruth Hanscom (b.1902)
3. Florence Hanscom (b.1906)
3. Helen Hanscom (b.1909)
3. Grace Hanscom (b.1910)
3. Wilson L. Hanscom (b.21 Dec 1912;d.1981)
3. Carroll A. Hanscom (b.1915) ((Male))
3. Louise Hanscom (b.1917)
3. Lillian I. Hanscom (b.1919)

One question that I believe that has been solved, though, is the identity of
the author of the "Records from Grandmother West's Bible" letter.
I believe it was Blanche (Hansom) Foss.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Once again, (and because Sheri Fenley asked for it) definitions and uses
for the strange words that we type for word verification for comments
on blogs:

Fless- What you pay for very cheap dental floss at Wal-Mart

Slize- A unit of measurement for pizza slices. As in "What slize do you want,
Small, Medium, or BIG?"

Luction- The process in which you use your luck to get what you need, as in
"I needed a lot of luction to find the census record for Asa West."

Amblu- I am. Are you?


So I had three vacation days left from 2009 that I had to use up by the end
of this month and by combining them with my regular days off(Sunday and
Thursday) I had five days off this week. The only drawback is that this is the
week after The Week After The Holidays. Bills and rent were paid and my
next paycheck isn't until this Friday, so this has been a Staycation. That
was ok by me; it's been cold out there so I'm content to stay here at home
for a few days. I have some genealogy research to keep me busy and
I don't believe in cabin fever.

And what have I done this week? Well, since you asked here'sthe highlights
so far:

Sunday: I slept in late. I started gathering my information on Hiram Ferdinand
West but took a break to watch the Patriots get hammered by the Ravens.
Weeping and gnashing of teeth was heard throughout New England.(Sackcloth
and ashes was optional). I watched the news and was vaguely troubled by the
report over Leno vs O'Brien . This could have statewide implications since both
are from Massachusetts. Could there be tension building between Andover and

I receive the Happy 101 Award from Susi and Terri and work on choosing ten
others to for the award.Then I start searching Ancestry fro Hiram and his descendants,
which leads me to MY COUSIN NINFERIA. I go to bed late.

Monday:Slept in late. After breakfast I get back on the search for Hiram over on
Ancestry. More unique census transcription errors in THE CASE OF ASA F.WEST
slow the search a bit. I'm also distracted by the news radio report of a letter from
Conan O'Brien that begins "People of Earth..." That explains so much! Especially
the hair!

I send off corrections on Asa's name to Ancestry and then share records with
my Aunt Dorothy and Hiram's descendant Betty. I get to bed late.

Tuesday: After breakfast I check the news. So far,there are no reports of any
battles between Conanheads from Brookline and Lenoists from Andover. I check
my freezer to make sure I have adequate supplies just in case conflict breaks out.
Afterward I put the finishing touches on my post on Hiram and his descendants.
Then I check out the new geneablogs list on Geneabloggers followed by a break
to watch NCIS and some other programs.

I finish up by cross-posting my latest Cousin Quest posts from here over to my
blog at the Maine Genealogy Network. I get to bed late

Wednesday: I slept in late.

And that's my Staycation so far. No cabin fever at all, although I may venture
out to the stores tomorrow for necessities.

If it's safe out there.


This is the next in a series of posts on the descendants of
John Cutter West and Arvilla Ames West that I hope will
lead to contact with other West descendants.

Hiram Ferdinand West was the fourth son and sixth child
of John and Arvilla. I had less information to start with on
this branch of the family than the others so far but Ancestry
was very helpful with census records:

1. Hiram Ferdinand West (b.18 Nov 1838-Letter "b" Township,Upton,Oxford,Me;
d.Feb 1914)
sp: Arvilla Mary Ballard (m.18 Nov 1865;d.25 Apr 1907)
2. Clara M. West (b.1868;d.25 Dec 1955-Rumford,Oxford,Me)
sp: Rufus Scott Goodwin (b.15 Aug 1867-Upton,Oxford,Me;m.1 Mar 1892;d.1907)
2. Hiram Winfield West (b.Jun 1870;d.1933)
sp: Eva Chase
3. Cleaveland R West (b.9 Jul 1892;d.Aug 1963)
sp: Bertha M. Thurston (m.7 Aug 1912)
4. Jerald West (b.22 Apr 1917)
sp: Muriel Barnett (b.18 Dec 1918;m.15 Dec 1936;d.10 Jul 1995)
4. Roy Thurston West (b.13 Jan 1919-Bethel,Oxford,Me;d.25 Feb 1919)
sp: Beryl T Adams (m.25 Jul 1936)
4. Eva West (b.1944)
2. Asa West (b.29 Aug 1878;d.1954)
sp: Alda Sarah Corbett (b.12 Mar 1875-Errol,Coos NH;d.28 Nov 1935-Rumford,
3. Annie E. West (b.1903)
3. Herbert Asa West (b.12 May 1908-Rumford,Oxford,Me. ;d.14 Feb.1948-
3. Frank C. West (b.5 Nov 1913-Rumford,Oxford,Me;d.1977)
2. Valora West (b.Abt 1873)
sp: Allie O. Abbott (m.6 Nov 1889)
3. Clarence Abbott (b.Jun 1891)
3. Francis Ruth Abbott (b.25 Jun 1893-Upton,Oxford,Me)

I've already made contact with one of Hiram's descendants and hope someday
to meet more!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday after I posted about finding a transcription error on's
1910 Federal Census entry for my cousin Hiram Winfield West, I went back
to research more of my family. This time I conncentrated on Hiram's brother
Asa Ferdinand West, and once again I found census transcription errors
that astonished me.

On the 1910 Census, the transcription listsed him as Asa F. Ines.

On the 1920 Census, the transcriber listed him as Asa F. Wicks with Asa
F.Wist as an alternate spelling.

And on the 1930 transcription he's Isa F.West

I laughed at first, but then it struck me that someone else researching
Asa might not have the information I already knew and not make the
connection. That's three Census records, a thirty year span in Asa's
life that they might miss because of transcription errors.

This morning I posed this question to my geneablogging friends on

"Does anyone know how to inform about census transcription
errors? Do they actually read and act on that little "comment" box? I'd like
to make things easier for future researchers of my West family."

Quite a few folks replied almost immediately that they had personal experience
that Ancestry does indeed act when members submit corrections. So tonight,
just before I wrote this post, I sent in corrections on the transcription errors
for Hiram, Asa, and Cleveland West, and I'll be doing the same for others I've
found in the past.

Let me be clear,I'm not slamming Ancestry here for the errors.I'm glad they
have all these records that make my research much easier. Considering
how many million names out there.there's bound to be errors.So I urge
any of you that are Ancestry members to let them know when you find
mistakes such as I did so they can be corrected.

You will help them, and help your fellow genealogy researchers as well

And thanks to all those who amswered my question on Facebook!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I was doing my research for the next installment of "Cousin Quest" over at today, this time for the descendants of Hiram Ferdinand West,
when I ran across another transcription.

Hiram F. had a son Hiram Winfield(aka Winfield Hiram) and I was looking for him
and his family on the 1910 Federal Census. A search on Ancestry directed me to
a record for a "Ninferia West", his wife Eva amd his son "Cleanland". I know Hiram
W.'s son was named Cleveland, so I was pretty sure this was my cousin. Sure
enough, a look at the actual image confirmed this was him.The kicker is that the
"Ninferia" on the transcription has a "Winfred" in parentheses below it!

I'll be posting this "Cousin Quest" tomorrow or Tuesday this week since I'm on
a mini-vacation and want to confirm my findings and information with my newfound
cousin Betty, one of Hiram F.'s descendants before I post them.

And the other day I heard from another cousin, Mark, who's descended from
Asa Atwood West. So perhaps the Cousin Quest will find even more West


Susi over at Susi's Chatty Performances has honored me with
a Happy 101 Award. I in turn must 10 things that make me
happy, and 10 blogs that I enjoy reading.

So, first the things that make me happy:

1. Pizza!

2. Christmas Eve with the family.

3. The first really warm day of Spring.

4. John Wayne movies

5. Celtic music

6. Writing fiction or nonfiction.

7. Reading a good book

8. Having a customer tell me they liked a book I recommended.

9. Road trips with my sister

10.And of course, genealogy!

And 1o blogs I enjoy (Actually there are many more than
just 10!) are

1. Kinexxions by Becky

2. New England Genealogy by Wendy

3. Granite in My Blood by Midge

4 AnceStories by Miriam,

5. Life From the Roots by Barbara

6. Family Trees May Contain Nuts by Lori E.

7 Nutfield Genealogy by Heather

8. A Light That Shines Again by Lisa

9. Herstoryan by Herstoryan

10. The Educated Genealogist by Sheri

Update: I've also been awarded a Happy 101 Award from
Terri O'Connell of Finding Our Ancestors.

Thanks for the honor, Susi and Terri!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This was the most challenging installment of Cousin Quest so far.
The person who transcribed the BMD records from "Grandmother
West's Bible" didn't have much information on Vienna's grandchildren
and great-grandchildren.For example, the entry on Winnifred Goodwin
includes the line:

"m C.Frank Thompson-4 sons.One still living on the old homestead.
him about a year ago."

Luckily the Family Group sheet that my Aut Dot sent us years ago
had more to help fill in the blanks on the grandchildren and
was useful for the great-grandchildren.Even so I could find no names
for two sons of Nettie Goodwin and John Farnham. The Federal Census
sheets at Ancestry were useful although two transcriptions contained
errors. One listed Ichabod Thompson as "Schaberd Thompson"; another
had a "Leonidur" Mansell that I believe is Leonidus.

One item that caught my eye was that "Leanidus West Mansell" is
listed in the Canadian Soldiers of World War 1 1914-1918 records.I'll
have to look further into that. Maybe someday I'll hear about it from
one of his descendants!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


This is the latest installment in a series of posts that I hope will
put me in touch with more descendants of John Cutter West and
his wife Arvilla (Ames) West.

Vienna Ames West was their fifth child and second daughter.
I don't have much information on this branch of the family and
had to fill in some blanks from information I found on
I'll post some thoughts about all this in my next post.

Descendants of Vienna Ames West
1. Vienna Ames West (b.14 Apr 1836-Letter "b" Township,Oxford,Me;
d.14 Oct 1913)
sp: William Russell Goodwin (b.18 Aug 1832;m.28 Jun 1857;d.20 Jan 1904)
2. Nettie Goodwin (b.25 Sep 1858;d.27 Feb 1885)
sp: John Farnham
2. Matilda Z. Goodwin (b.1859)
2. Grace Goodwin (d.22 Jun 1862)
2. Winnifred Goodwin (b.1865-Carroll N.H.;d.1954-So.Levant Cem)
sp: C. Frank Thompson
3. Russell Thompson (b.1895)
sp: Bessie (UNKNOWN)
4. Wilma A. Thompson (b.1923)
3. Guy Thompson (b.1896)
3. Bud Thompson (b.1903)
3. Ichabod Thompson (b.1903)
sp: Eda (UNKNOWN)
4. Margarete Thompson (b.1929)
2. Wilma Goodwin (b.27 Mar 1868;d.1 Mar 1952)
sp: John Mansell (m.1889)
3. Leonidus Mansell (b.1891)
3. Susie E. Mansell (b.1893)
sp: Alton Richardson (b.1883)
4. Esther Richardson (b.1917)
4. Edna Richardson (b.1919)
3. Vinnette Mansell (b.1897;d.Jan 1981-Unity,Waldo,Me.)
sp: George MacLeod (m.8 Jul 1916)
4. Mary A. MacLeod
3. Morris G. Mansell (b.27 Aug 1899-Greenville,Piscataqua,Me)

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Terry Thornton kicks off his "A Poem for Hill Country" series
for 2010 with a great poem by Robert Graves that should
speak to all of us who are genealogists and family historians.
Terry also issues a challenge to us that's based on the poem
and that I will try to meet.

Go read it for yourself here!


I usually post the "Cousin Quest" articles on Sunday
but I'm a bit tuckered out tonight, so I'll be posting it
tomorrow night.


I don't have many pictures or documents from my Mom's Irish-American
family. But this particular document and Federal census records helped
give me a bit of insight into the Mcfarland family history here in America.
It's a deed from my granduncle Frank ceding his rights to my grandmother
Agnes (McFarland) White to a building at 946 Parker St in the Jamaica
Plain section of Boston,Ma. It had been owned by their mother Anna
(Kelley)McFarland and this deed was one of the last stages of the family's
presence on Parker St that spanned almost forty years.

The earliest record I've found of the family being there is the 1910 census.
Ten years earlier they'd been recorded as living on Albert St. But in 1910
my great grandparents and eight of their children were residents of 950
Parker St, not 946. Oldest son Michael apparently was already out living
on his own.Great grandfather John McFarland was an employee of the
City of Boston and with that pay and doubtless contributions from his
children who were old enough to work, he had gotten a mortgage to
purchase 950 Parker St.

There were quite a few changes by 1920. The 950 Parker St address
had been sold outside the family. Son Michael and his family were renting
at 948 while son Robert and his family rented the adjoining 946. Only the
four daughters were still living with my greatgrandparents, who now
lived at 942 Parker upon which they were paying a mortgage.

Still more changes took place over the next ten years, the most important
being the death of my greatgrandfather John in 1924. The 942 Parker St.
house had been sold and the 950 Parker St repurchased and valued at
$2,800. Greatgrandmother Anna lived there with her youngest daughter
Winifred. The next youngest daughter my grandaunt Peggy had married
Leo McCue and they apparently rented a floor at 950 for $15/month.
Michael and his family were still at 946, paying $21/month rent, and
Robert was still in the other part of the building $12/month, although
both families were enumerated as living at the 946 address.

Based on the deed from my Granduncle Frank to my Grandmother, it looks
as though my greatgrandparents were also the owners of the 946-948
addresses and rented them out to their children and their families.
Eventually all of them would move out on their own, perhaps financed by
their inheritance when Anna McFarland passed away in 1945. I've no
idea what my grandmother Aggie did with her share of 946. Perhaps she
used it to help her own chiildren buy the house on Beach St in Malden
where my Uncle Ed and his family lived on the first floor and we lived on
the second floor.

Nothing remains of the houses the McFarlands once owned and lived in
on Parker St today. In their place stands the Bromley-Heath Playground.

Written for the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture.


I'm a day late for Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun
over at his Genea-Musings blog but better late than never! This
weeks assignment is a fun one:

"What was your best Genealogy Moment during 2009? This
could be a research find, a fabulous trip, a found family treasure,
etc. Your choice!"

This is an easy one for me: the trip up to Maine in August to attend
the Ellingwood Family Reunion in Norway, Me. I got to meet
Ellingwood cousins such as Bonnie Atkinson and Lori Grippo and I
survived my first foray at public speaking. I got to spend time with
my Aunt Dorothy and cousin Diana and Gary and my sister Cheryl.
We visited the gravesites of John Cutter West and Asa and Florilla
(Dunham) Ellingwood and I found the graves of James Dunham and

Of course it wouldn't have been possible if not for Cheryl. We had fun,
including the scenic detour to Wells, Me!

All in all, a great time both family and genealogy terms.The highlight
of my 2009!

(You can read my posts about the trip in my "Son of Road Trip" posts)