Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I had three vacation days left from 2009 that I had to use up by the end
of this month and by combining them with my regular days off(Sunday and
Thursday) I had five days off this week. The only drawback is that this is the
week after The Week After The Holidays. Bills and rent were paid and my
next paycheck isn't until this Friday, so this has been a Staycation. That
was ok by me; it's been cold out there so I'm content to stay here at home
for a few days. I have some genealogy research to keep me busy and
I don't believe in cabin fever.

And what have I done this week? Well, since you asked here'sthe highlights
so far:

Sunday: I slept in late. I started gathering my information on Hiram Ferdinand
West but took a break to watch the Patriots get hammered by the Ravens.
Weeping and gnashing of teeth was heard throughout New England.(Sackcloth
and ashes was optional). I watched the news and was vaguely troubled by the
report over Leno vs O'Brien . This could have statewide implications since both
are from Massachusetts. Could there be tension building between Andover and

I receive the Happy 101 Award from Susi and Terri and work on choosing ten
others to for the award.Then I start searching Ancestry fro Hiram and his descendants,
which leads me to MY COUSIN NINFERIA. I go to bed late.

Monday:Slept in late. After breakfast I get back on the search for Hiram over on
Ancestry. More unique census transcription errors in THE CASE OF ASA F.WEST
slow the search a bit. I'm also distracted by the news radio report of a letter from
Conan O'Brien that begins "People of Earth..." That explains so much! Especially
the hair!

I send off corrections on Asa's name to Ancestry and then share records with
my Aunt Dorothy and Hiram's descendant Betty. I get to bed late.

Tuesday: After breakfast I check the news. So far,there are no reports of any
battles between Conanheads from Brookline and Lenoists from Andover. I check
my freezer to make sure I have adequate supplies just in case conflict breaks out.
Afterward I put the finishing touches on my post on Hiram and his descendants.
Then I check out the new geneablogs list on Geneabloggers followed by a break
to watch NCIS and some other programs.

I finish up by cross-posting my latest Cousin Quest posts from here over to my
blog at the Maine Genealogy Network. I get to bed late

Wednesday: I slept in late.

And that's my Staycation so far. No cabin fever at all, although I may venture
out to the stores tomorrow for necessities.

If it's safe out there.


Sheri said...

Oh Bill, I had so hoped for some more of your word verification definitions. I absolutely howled at the last set you gave us!

ps. the one for this post was "serret" - would that be a ferret's sister?

Wendy said...

Glad you are enjoying your staycation!

As soon as my husband gets back from Alaska, I hope to spend some time with genealogy myself. Hm, I haven't been able to wtach the Patriots since THAT Super Bowl... *sigh*

Bill West said...

Sheri-Good one! And since you asked,
check out the next post.

Wendy-I hope he comes home soon.
Are you unable to get Patriots games where you are or is the pain from THAT game still too great to watch them?