Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, I'm a day late with Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy
Fun challenge:

1) Open your genealogy software or family tree program of choice
and make yourself the highlighted person.

2) Find out how to create a Calendar to show birthdays and/or
anniversaries of yourself and all of your ancestors (or all relatives,
or all persons - your choice!). The "Help" button is your friend
here!!! It can be done in all of the current software programs.

3) Create your calendar. Pretty it up if you want. Save it. Can
you show us a page from your calendar - say January 2010?

4) Which of your ancestors (or relatives, or descendants - your
choice!), if any, were born on 30 January?

Have fun with this. How can you use this information during

the coming year?

I regularly use the Calendar function in RootsMagic4 and Personal
Ancestry File to help generate blog posts so I figured this would be
a breeze! I created two calendars in less than 15 minutes and got
ready to upload them here to Blogger.

And that's where the ummm... fun...began. Blogger takes jpg files.
But RM4's calendar is in PDF format, and the PAF is in rich txt.
It's taken me most of the day(except for my break to go to the
laundrymat) to get the RM4 converted. And I still don't know what
I used to do it. It's all a blur. I know I swore.

I swore a lot, actually!

Since I'm posting this on the 31st, I'm going to recognize an
anniversary instead of a birthday. Today is the 145th
anniversary of my ancestors Jonathan Phelps West and
Louisa Almata Richardson who were married on 31Jan 1865!

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