Monday, January 18, 2010


This is the latest in a series of posts about the descendants of the
children of John Cutter West and Arvilla (Ames) West in the hopes
it will put me in contact with some of my unknown distant cousins.

Clarinda Britton West was John and Arvilla's seventh child and
third daughter. As with others of my West great great grand aunts
and uncles, I started out with information from my Aunt Dorothy
and the Arvilla Ames West Family Bible. But in this instance I
found little information in online databases to add to what I had

1. Clarinda Britton West (b.29 Apr 1841-Letter "b" Township,Upton,Oxford,Me;
d.8 Nov 1900)
sp: Charles Henry Goodwin (m.18 Jan 1864;d.19 Apr 1910)
2. Jane Whittemore Goodwin (b.20 Jul 1865-Upton,Oxford,Me.;d.25 Mar 1
sp: Charles Fred Wiggin (b.Oct 1855;m.1886)
3. Charles G. Wiggin (b.12 Nov 1887)
3. George L Wiggin (b.25 Jun 1889)
3. Lora Wiggin (b.19 Sep 1892)
2. Helen S. Goodwin (b.11 Feb 1875-Carmel,Me.;d.1920)
sp: William Demerritt
2. Josephine Matilda Goodwin (b.25 Mar 1881-Carmel,Me.;d.5 Feb 1963-Carmel,Me.)
sp: Lewis Hanscom
3. Blanche Hanscom (b.6 Aug 1900-Carmel,Penobscot,Me;d.1984-Dover Foxcroft,Piscataquis,Me)
sp: Eugene F.Foss (m.4 Mar 1918)
3. Ruth Hanscom (b.1902)
3. Florence Hanscom (b.1906)
3. Helen Hanscom (b.1909)
3. Grace Hanscom (b.1910)
3. Wilson L. Hanscom (b.21 Dec 1912;d.1981)
3. Carroll A. Hanscom (b.1915) ((Male))
3. Louise Hanscom (b.1917)
3. Lillian I. Hanscom (b.1919)

One question that I believe that has been solved, though, is the identity of
the author of the "Records from Grandmother West's Bible" letter.
I believe it was Blanche (Hansom) Foss.


Carol Hammond said...

Josephine Goodwin Hanscom was my grandmother and her daughter,Helen was my mother. My mother passed away in 1999.

Carol (Clark)Hammond

Bill West said...

Hi there cousin! I'm glad you found my blog. I'll be glad to answer any questions or share information with you!

Carol said...

Hi Bill,
I knew that my Aunt Blanche had done some family research but because I didn't know her well,I didn't know far she had gone. It is so exciting to find a cousin--I know almost nothing about my ancestors. I do have a book entitled " Common Blood" which has some genealogical information about the Hanscoms

Bill West said...

Carol, I'll gladly share what I know. Click the labels in the right hand column for the Wests and Ames family members. They will take ou to any posts I've done here. Also my email address is listed in the "About Me" info. Change the at to a @ and dot to a . Email me and I'll send you some of the documents I've found.


Anonymous said...

I have aunt Blanches documents of the family history.. Hanscom, Goodwin, Orcutt and West

Bill West said...

Hmm..Didn't know about Orcutts. I'll be glad to share what I have with you. Drop me an email at if you're intersted!

lukester said...

Carol (clark) Hammond.. I am your cousin through Carroll Hanscom..I am his grandson. would love to here from you.. Edna Gave me some pictures of you in your wedding dress