Sunday, January 10, 2010


I was doing my research for the next installment of "Cousin Quest" over at today, this time for the descendants of Hiram Ferdinand West,
when I ran across another transcription.

Hiram F. had a son Hiram Winfield(aka Winfield Hiram) and I was looking for him
and his family on the 1910 Federal Census. A search on Ancestry directed me to
a record for a "Ninferia West", his wife Eva amd his son "Cleanland". I know Hiram
W.'s son was named Cleveland, so I was pretty sure this was my cousin. Sure
enough, a look at the actual image confirmed this was him.The kicker is that the
"Ninferia" on the transcription has a "Winfred" in parentheses below it!

I'll be posting this "Cousin Quest" tomorrow or Tuesday this week since I'm on
a mini-vacation and want to confirm my findings and information with my newfound
cousin Betty, one of Hiram F.'s descendants before I post them.

And the other day I heard from another cousin, Mark, who's descended from
Asa Atwood West. So perhaps the Cousin Quest will find even more West

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Herstoryan said...

What a neat name! Powerful enough to inspire a character in a book!