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 In honor of Fathers Day I'm posting pictures of some of the fathers on my family tree. From the Wests:

Our Dad, Floyd E West, Jr.


Great grandfather Philip J. West, Cousin Stanley & Grandfather Floyd E West, Sr.

2x great grandfather Jonathan P.West & wife Louisa Almata (Richardson)West
3x Great grandfather John Cutter West
Some of the maternal grandfather's from Dad's family:

2x great grandfather Asa F Ellingwood & wife Florilla (Dunham)Ellingwood.

2x Great grandfather Amos Hastings Barker & wife Betsy Jane (Moore) Barker.
3x Great grandfather Philip Richardson

4x great grandfather Moses Coburn

 And the only pictures I have from Mom's side of the family:
Great grandfather John McFarland & wife Annie (Kelley)McFarland.

Great Grandfather Edward J White.

Happy Fathers' Day!

Friday, June 17, 2022


  ((Today is the 247th Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill. Several of my ancestors took
part in the battles, including my 5x great grandfather Elisha Houghton. I first posted this on 21
August, 2012:)) 

I mentioned my ancestor Elisha Houghton the other day and
that he was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. I found this
story about him in History of the Town of Harvard, Massachusetts
1732-1893 by Henry Steadman Nourse (p323):

"Coliney of the Massachusetts Bay.

To the Honnorabel General Coart seting at Watertown the Petion
of Elisha Houghton a Solder under Comand of Captan Hastings in Conl
Whitcomb's Rigement in the year 1775 and I was in the fight on Bunkers
hill So Called in Charlston on the 17 of June in the year 1775 as above
sd and on my Return I and others Lited on one Jacob Davis who was
wounded who requested our help and in tacking Care of the sd Davis
Caused me your Petinor to take Mistick Road to convey the sd Davis to
where he thought he could be tacken Care of and in so Doing 1 came
acros by Winter hill to go to head Quater at Cambridge and in Coming
by the Gard of Connal Starks which was set on sd hill they took away
my Gun which I and others that Knew sd Gun Judged to be worth teen
Dolers. I Endevuered to Recover my Gun again but was Denied the
Same which may be made Evident to this Coart by Reading the Paper
acompining this Petition. 1 also Sertify this Coart that I have Never
Reseved my Gun since Nor any Consideration for the same. I therefore
your Poor Petitioner Humbly Pray that this Coart would be Pleased to
take my Case into your Consideration and alow me Pay for my Gun
and your Petitioner as in Duty bound Shall Ever Pray. Bolton Jan. the —
1776 Elisha Houghton

This may Certify that Elisha Houghton of Col Whitcomb's Regiment
in Capt. Hasting's Company was in the Action on Bunker's hill and
helping bringing the wounded men off to Cambridge went mistick Road over
Winter hill and the Guard that was set on winter hill took away the Guns,
and this sd Houghton's Gun was among the Rest, the next Day with [a]
number of others sd Houghton went in order to Get his Gun with an officer
with him, but could not find it and have Never heard of it since—as I know of.

Josiah Whitney, Lt. Col. of sd Rgmt.
Dorchester Camp Febury 29th. 1776"

I don't know if Elisha ever got recompensed for his lost gun, but I suspect he
was one of the earliest victims of "requisitioning" in the American military tradition.

Saturday, May 28, 2022



 ((I first posted this back in 2013.))

Heather Wilkinson Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy is once again asking
bloggers to transcribe their local veteran monuments and list the names
on their blog. It's called the Military Honor Roll Project and I wanted to
take part this year.  I headed over to the memorial here in Abington
which is located right next to the building shared by the American Legion
and VFW Posts. It's a beautiful spot and there's quite a few names on it for
such a small town. They start with World War 1 and run up to the present
It was a bright sunny day and I thought perfect for taking the pictures I needed
to work with for the transcription, but it turned out to be it was less than ideal.
The nearby trees were casting shadows over most of the monument and the wind
moving the leaves would cause the shadows to shift around.



             KILLED IN ACTION

World War I
Edgar D. Bascomb
Chester W. Belcher
Walter W. Coleman
Charles Cook
Lloyd Crossman
Lewis V. Dorsey
Robert B. English
George H. Gillespie
Henry C. Hurst
John J. Mahoney
Joseph D. Martin
Charles E. Murphy
Charles S. Myers
Myron Stewart
Harold L. Taylor
Shirley S. Thayer
George L.  Whore

World War II
Charles H. Bellows Jr.
Wendell E Chamberlin
Lloyd R. Clapp
John Colburn
George W. Coleman
Edmund G. Crossley
Elton E. Eckstrom
George S. Forsyth
Roy E. Hjelm
Wellington Jamieson
John R. Keeley
Clifford Kimber
Richard L. McCue
Harold R. McGeoch
John F. Monahan
John Rice
Frank D. Warner Jr.


Dennis K. Holly
Peter D. Christianson DFC
Richard F. Gliniewicz
Glenn R. Gordon
Ralph G. Hamlin
Ernest H Laidler
Richard A. Fitts

Daniel Vasellian

Never forget.

Sunday, May 08, 2022



 In honor of Mother's Day, here are pictures of our Dad's female ancestors.

First, on his mother's side:

Amos H Barker & Betsey J (Moore) Barker

Our 2x great grandmother Betsey Jane Moore was born on 16 Aug 1842 at Waterford,
Oxford, Me. She married Amos Hastings Barker in 1856 and they raised a family of
12 children, 11 of whom survived to adulthood. Betsey died 12Mar 1924 at age 82.

My great grandmother Charlotte Lovenia Barker is the lady on the right.

 Our great grandmother Charlotte Lovenia Barker was youngest of  Amos & Betsey's
12 children. She was born on 3 Aug 1879 in Albany, Oxford, Maine and was known as
":Lottie". She married her first cousin Frank W. Barker on 16Oct 1898 and they had
4 children before Frank died in 1905 from pneumonia caused by "La Grippe" (the flu).
She was married three more times before her death on 3Jan 1944 at Bangor, Maine.   

Cora Berthella (Barker) West & her great granddaughter Mindy Sue West

Our grandmother Cora Berthella (Barker) West was born 27Oct 1899 and was the eldest
child of Frank and Charlotte. She preferred the name Bertha, although it was given as
Cora on her marriage certificate. Bertha married Floyd E.West Sr on 24Mar 1919 and
had 5 children, one of whom was our Dad.

 On his Dad's side of the family:

Arvilla (Ames)West

Our 3x great grandmother Arvilla Ames was born in Livermore, Androscoggin, Maine
on 25Jan 1810, one of 10 children. She married John Cutter West on 23Sep 1827
at Sumner, Maine, and five years later they moved to Letter B Plantation (later renamed
Upton), Oxford, Maine. She had 10 children, 3 of whom died in a diphtheria outbreak
in 1862. She died at age 97 at Hermon, Maine.

Louisa A.(Richardson) West
Louisa Richardson, our 2x great grandmother was born in Wilton, Maine on
23Jun 1837 at Wilton, Maine.  She was the second wife of Jonathan Phelps West,
whose first wife had died in the 1862 diphtheria outbreak. Louisa and Jonathan
married on 31Jan 1865 and had 4 sons. She died 4Oct 1925 at age 88.

Florilla (Dunham) Ellingwood & Asa F Ellingwood

Our other paternal 2x great grandmother was Florilla Dunham who was born 29Aug
1832 at North Paris, Oxford, Maine. She married Asa F. Ellingwood on 10Aug 1850
at Woodstock, Oxford, Maine and 11 children.(She was one of 11 children herself.)
She died in Paris, Oxford, Maine on 21Feb 1917.

Clara (Ellingwood) West

Finally, our great grandmother  Clara Ellingwood was the 8th child and youngest
daughter of Florilla and Asa Ellingwood. She was born 6Mar 1865 in Dummer, Coos,
NH. Her first marriage with Charles Tidswell ended in divorce and she married our
great grandfather Philip J West on 25May 1894 at Shelburne, Coos, NH. She had
three children by her first marriage and two by her second, including our grandfather
Floyd E West, Sr. Sadly, Clara died young after an illness in Augusta, Maine on 10Apr
1901. She was only 36 years old.

And those are the pictures we have of the mothers in our family.

Happy Mothers Day! 

Saturday, May 07, 2022



 Once again for Mothers Day I'm posting photos of our family's mothers, starting with the maternal line of my family..

For our Mom's side we don't have very many since her grandparents immigrated
here from Ireland and Germany in the 19th century.

John McFarland & Annie (Kelley) McFarland
First there's Anna Kelley, born 1Oct 1858 in Kiltrustan, Roscommon, Ireland. She married
my great grandfather in Edinburgh Scotland on 16May1879 and shortly after they came
to America and settled in Boston. She had 17 children, 10 of whom survived to adulthood.
Anna died 15Feb 1945 at Boston, Ma. at age 86.

Pauline (Offinger) White
Our other maternal great grandmother was Pauline Offinger, born 17Dec 1873
in Cambridge, Massachusetts to German immigrant parents. She married Edward J.
White on 27Nov 1895 in Boston, Ma. and had 9 children.          

Agnes (McFarland) White
Our grandmother Agnes (McFarland) White was born 7Oct 1898 in Boston, Ma, the
14th of John & Annie's 17 children. She was known as "Aggie" in the family.
She married Edward F.White, Sr. and had two children, our Uncle Ed and our Mom
Anne Marie. She died 12Feb 1957 in Malden Ma.

Anne M. (White) West

Finally, our Mom, Anne M. (White) West. She was born 7Jul 1927 at Boston, Ma and
married our Dad on 29Jun 1947, also at Boston. To her McFarland cousins she was
known as "Red White". She died on 28Jul 1999 at Weymouth, Ma and she is missed by
my brother, my sister, myself and the rest of the family.

Friday, March 18, 2022


 The website has been adding the Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 for awhile now and I had had no luck finding any of my family in them. But I wouald check back periodically, and finally, a few weeks ago, my luck changed. I found the image of Page 100 from Blessed Sacrament (Jamaica Plain) Baptisms, 1892-1903,and at the very bottom of the page was the entry for my maternal grandmother, Agnes McFarland.


Massachusetta:Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Records, 1789-1920 Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2019 (From records supplied by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston).
Page     100

My grandmother was baptized on 10/16/1898. The names of her parents and witnesses are given in a mix of English and Latin:

Father Joannes, John McFarland
Mother Ann Kelly

Witness1 Hugh Clark

Witness2 Maria, Mary Flynn

I also found the record for her younger sister Margaret. It was a big family so there are more that I can look for!

Monday, February 28, 2022


 Big list today

On this Day


28 Feb 1668 7x great grandmother Hazadiah Fairbanks was born at Lancaster, Ma.

28 Feb 1663 7x great grandfather Benjamin Barker was born at Andover, Ma.

28 Feb 1639 9x great grandfather John Moore was born at Lancaster, Ma.

28 Feb 1744 5x great grandmother Betty Whitcomb was born at Bolton, Ma.

28 Feb 1655 8x great grandmother Patience Sabin was born at Rehoboth, Ma


28 Feb 1683 9x great grandparents George Adams & Martha Fiske were married at Lexington, Ma.

28 Feb 1827 3x great grandparents Wesley Coburn & Lucy Stowe were married at Newry, Me.


28 Feb 1687 9x great grandfather John Hoyt died at Amesbury, Ma.

28 Feb 1708 9x great grandfather Richard Reith died at Marblehead, Ma.

Sunday, January 23, 2022


 Well, it's 15 years now, and I'm still here. I'm not back to the level of productivity I had in the past,but I'm still chugging along and hope to do better this year

Here's  where I'm at according to the stats.


2771 posts


And here's my all time most viewed posts;

Thanks to all the viewers and commenters over the years!

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Two ancestors named Sarah: one born and one died in the same year on this date:
On This Date:
14 Jan 1755 4x great grandmother Elizabeth Wiley was born in Andover, Ma.
14 Jan 1661 8x great grandmother Sarah Farnum was born at Andover, Ma.
14 Jan 1702 7x great grandparents Samuel Upton & Abigail Frost were married in Salem, Ma.
14 Jan 1719 8x great grandmother Deborah (Barnes) Davis died at Haverhill, Ma.
14 Jan 1733 7x great grandmother Hannah (Marston) Barker died at Andover, Ma.
14 Jan 1661 10x great grandmother Sarah (Parker) Converse died at Woburn, Ma.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022



On This Date:
12 Jan 1688 7x great grandparents William Hoyt & Dorothy Colby were married at Amesbury, Ma.
12 Jan 1702 7x great grandparents James Thorn & Hannah Brown were married at Salisbury, Ma
12 Jan 1845 3x great grandparents Christian Luick & Christiane Ruppmich were married at Wurttemberg, Germany
12 Jan 1776 6x great grandmother Edna (Bailey) Hastings died at Bradford, Ma.
12 Jan 1777 6x great grandfather Joseph Herrick died at Gloucester, Ma.
12 Jan 1717 7x great grandfather Jonathan Hallett died at Yarmouth, Ma.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022



On This Date:
5 Jan 1696 7x great grandparents Abiel Kelley & Rebecca Davis were married at Newbury, Ma.
5 Jan 1666 10x great grandfather Roger Mowrey died at Salem, Ma.


 So my geneaplans fpr 2022 are the same as they were for 2021 and 2020. Luckily they are all things I can do online since I am no longer driving. And getting anything done depends on my health, so we'll see how this goes this year.

The geneaplans:
1.Continue adding more of my ancestors siblings and their lines to my database.

2. Again.this year I'm  going to set a goal for my blogging: to try to reach 200 posts in this blog and to post anything, anything at all, in my Graveyard Rabbits  blog. But anything over 50 posts will be an improvement over this year.
(I ended up with 70 posts here for 2021 but failed to post anything on the Gravetard Rabbits blog. I have a plan to remedy that this year.)

3. Post more photos for Find A Grave from the many I still have sitting in folders on my computer..

4. Continue to stay organized:  Keep putting images  I download into  the folder they belong in immediately,

5. Transcribe more of the wills and probate files I've downloaded already.

6. Find and download the wills and probate files of female ancestors.

7.  Keep working  on  the timeline for my ancestors who were involved in the Colonial New England Indian wars, including those who were captured.

8. Go back and finish the series about the "Hot Mess" probate file of ancestor Nathaniel Stowe which I forgot to finish in May 2015. (Probably because it's such a "hot mess").

9. Write more  about my ancestor Gov. John Endecott. I keep pushing it aside, I think, because he did somethings that were nasty.

10. Make more use of the MyTreeTags feature to make lists of things my anestors were involved in .

11. Keep having fun with genealogy
Hopefully I will do better this year!

Monday, January 03, 2022



On This Date:
3 Jan 1682 8x great grandfather John Laughton was born in Lynn, Ma.
3 Jan 1692 7x great grandparents James Thomas & Mary Tilden were married at Duxbury, Ma.
3 Jan 1698 8x great grandfather Peter Ayer died at Haverhill, Ma
3 Jan 1737 8x great grandfather Ralph Farnham III died at Andover, Ma.

Sunday, January 02, 2022



On This Date:
2 Jan 1574 10x great grandfather Edmund Greenleaf was baptized at St. Mary's-la-Tour at Ipswich, England.
2 Jan 1651 7x great grandmother Mary Sawyer was born at Lancaster, Ma.
2 Jan 1627 7x great grandfather Henry Ingalls was born at Skirbeck, England.
2 Jan 1688 7x great grandparents Benjamin Barker & Hannah Marston were married at Andover, Ma.
2 Jan 1738 6x great grandparents Nathaniel Dana & Abigail Dean were married at Boston, Ma.
2 Jan 1743 7x great grandfather Samuel Ayer died at Haverhill, Ma
2 Jan 1754 7x great grandmother Martha (Conant) Perkins died at Plympton, Ma.
2 Jan 1692 8x great grandfather Francis West died at Duxbury, Ma.
2 Jan 1682 8x great grandmother Sarah (Pitney)Thomas died at Marshfield, Ma.

Saturday, January 01, 2022



Today's List has three New Year's babies and a birth and marriage on the same day.

On This Date:
1 Jan 1643 9x great grandfather Jeremiah Swain was born in Charlestown, Ma.
1 Jan 1707 7x great grandmother Hepzibah Stimson was born at Reading, Ma.
1 Jan 1702 6x great grandfather Moses Coburn was born at Dracut, Ma.

1 Jan 1651 9x great grandparents John Lovejoy & Mary Osgood were married at Andover, Ma.
1 Jan 1643 10x great grandparents Henry Rice & Elizabeth Moore were married at Sudbury, Ma.
1 Jan 1698 7x great grandparents John Moore & Hazadiah Fairbanks were married at Concord, Ma.

1 Jan 1669 8X great grandfather William Barstow died at Scituate, Ma.
1 Jan 1777 5x great grandmother Mehitabel (Abbott) Abbott died at Andover, Ma.