Monday, January 14, 2008


So I write a post about Winter and snow and guess what? There’s
a big storm heading this way!

Genealogy wise, it’s been a productive week with email with two
newfound Barker relatives, an exchange with Apple about our
Towne and Barker lines, and the discovery of, I think, my
grandmother Barker’s brother who died in infancy and who is
buried next to their father, Frank W. Barker. The boy’s name
was Earl and one of grandmother Cora’s uncles was named Earl
Blanchard Barker. I’d wondered why my grandfather and father
were named Floyd Earl West but unless Earl Barker knew my
great grandfather I can’t see how he might be the reason for the
Earl part of their names.

I did pretty well with the list of things I needed to get written
here that I posted last Tuesday, getting 5 ½ out of 9 done so far.
That half is because while I was able to email Lisa about the
possible McCue connections we might have, I wasn't able to the
same with Colleen. Colleen, contact me at the email at the top of
the page please and I'll send you what I know about the McCues
in my family as well.

I'll see if I can get some more done from that list before this
coming Tuesday!

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