Thursday, January 24, 2008


Okay, for some reason Elizabeth's addy for her entry in the
Genealogist's Parade has been chopped up a bit in my
comments section.

So here's the link . Go read and grin and enjoy!

UPDATE-Another reason to check it out. Look at the
comments to Elizabeth's post to see how an Apple a day
keeps the aliens away and another example of why genealogy
blogging is fun.


Elizabeth said...

[Blushing] Thank you for the kind words, Bill. And thank you for such an inspiring prompt! What started out as a silly goof turned out to be a fabulous find, thanks to Apple!

You guys are the best!

Bill West said...

My pleasure entirely.

And here's another example of why
the genealogy blogging community
is such fun.

Oh, and Apple, you ROCK!


Apple said...

Oh, goodness! Now I'm blushing. I'm glad I could help Elizabeth as so many have helped me.

I put the finishing touches on my float and I'm just catching up on my reading. Thank you for the compliment!