Friday, January 25, 2008


I have some ancestors' birthdays and anniversaries coming
up over the next few days, starting with today, which is the
198th birthday of my 3x great grandmother Arvilla Ames

Arvilla was born in 1810 in Oxford County, Me. and died
25 Apr 1907 in Hermon, Oxford, Me. and was 97 year old
when she passed. In her life, she lived through some
very interesting times:Maine becoming a state, the
Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the diptheria
epeidemic that claimed children and grandchildren,
the Industrial Revolution, and the Spanish-American War
to name just the ones I can think of as I type this, plus the
unions of the West family with the Richardson and
Ellingwood in my line and other s through the marriages of
her other children and grandchildren. That's why she was
one of my choices for the "dinner with four ancestors"
post for the CoG.

Boy, I wish I knew if she'd kept a journal or wrote letters.
Can you imagine what a treasure trove of family history
and genealogy information that would be?

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