Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Craig Manson over at Geneablogie has posted about his greatest
genealogy find ever and asked other genealogy bloggers what
theirs might be.

Without a doubt, it would have to be the genealogy research my
Aunt Dorothy sent to us years ago. Without that work that she
and her daughters Diana and Louise had already done I would
have been starting from scratch. They did it the old fashioned
way, driving from Ohio to New England to visit the family
uphome and making stops to find records at various towns.

But in the strictest sense of Craig’s question, then the greatest
find I’ve ever made so far are the Revolutionary War Pension
files I found over at of seven direct ancestors and
three siblings of ancestors. I knew one, John Ames, was a
veteran and by checking the names of other ancestors who lived
in the same period I was able to find the others. It’s been a
cornucopia of information about their lives and made those
names come alive for me.

You’ll notice that I italicized “so far” in the above paragraph.

That’s because I like to think the my greatest genealogy find ever
is going to be found and will break down the John Cutter West
brick wall!

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