Saturday, January 26, 2008


Today is the 280th anniversary of my 6x great grandparents
Jonathan Barker and Mary Abbott. Mary is from a different
line than the rest of my Abbott relatives, being the daughter
of Joseph Abbott and Sarah Devereaux and granddaughter of
Thomas Abbott of Marblehead.

I’ll have much more to say about Jonathan at a later date,
thanks to the information I’ve received first from N. and then
from H. (They’ll just be initials here until and unless I get
their permission to use their full names.) At one time I knew
less about my Barker line than any others on my Dad’s side
of the family and now thanks to what I’ve learned I know
more about them than any of my ancestors except the
Abbotts and Ellingwoods. In fact today I received in the mail
a cd from H. with even more Barker history. It’s going to take
a few days to digest all this!

I’ve been on vacation this week and I hate cold weather so
I’ve had time to spend on printing and organizing family
sheets, do some digging online and redo the labels here on
the blog.

And since Janice asked a few days ago where we were on the
49 Genealogy Uses for a Flutaphone, I present:

#28 Measuring Instrument
“... as a measuring instrument in genealogy cemetery
searches during the summer: Just how long was that snake
among the headstones? How many flutaphones long?” -Terry

#29 Decoration- as a holder for broccoli sprouts on
Schelly’s float in the Genealogists Parade.

#30 Prybar- To help remove your backside from the chair
you’ve been sitting in for hours as you stare at the screen of
the computer tracking an elusive ancestor.

#31 Physical therapy- When your hands and wrists begin to
ache from hours of typing, do the following exercise: hold the
flutaphone with both hands at either end and extend your
arms straight out, hands palm side down and flex your wrists
downward. after three repetitions, turn your hands palms
side up and still grasping the flutaphone, flex your wrists
back towards your chest. Repeat three times Then still
grasping the flutaphone bend your arms up and down over
head and then thrust them out and in vigorously in front of
MONITOR!!) Not only is this therapeutic but it is good
practice for...

#32 Stage Prop -in a “Syncopated Genealogist” dance
routine for Talent Night on your next genealogy cruise.
Combine the moves from the physical therapy exercise with a
nifty soft shoe dance!(see Janice, our Music Director for more

Man, 17 more to go.



Janice said...

#33 Genealogy CD holder. Crazy glue a flutaphone firmly to the top of your computer desk (vertically so the mouth piece is at the top). The open center of your genealogy CDs should fit over the mouthpiece, with some room to spare).


Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

tsk tsk tsk, Bill!

Think green!

#29 should be broccoli sprouts - nice little delicate broccoli sprout bouquets filling the shining golden flutaphone horns.



Bill West said...

What's really funny is I had thought of this one myself and forgot to post it with the others. But we're on the
same wavelength, it seems.

Must be that humor gene we inherited!

Bill West said...

Yikes! I can't believe I did that that! I even went back to reread your post, SAW it was broccoli sprouts, and then ended up typing in cauliflower!

I plead a late night dumb graying
blonde male senior moment.

It's not the only error I made as you'll see by my next post. But I've made the correction.