Friday, February 01, 2008


The Third Carnival of Irish Genealogy is out and I spent some
time reading it at Lisa’s Small-Leaved Shamrock as I had my
toast and coffee It’s the first time I’ve contributed to it
and I hope I’ll have more for it in the future especially if I
make some progress in tracing my Irish roots.

It’s also been a good morning of reading great posts from my
fellow genealogy bloggers on the “dinner with four ancestors”
topic for Jasia’s next CoG and on floats for the forthcoming
Genealogists’ Parade. You all not only are fun to read but you
also display a lot of creativity! I’m especially impressed by all
the mentions of flutaphones. It seems we all got in touch with
our inner flutaphonist.

Or is that flautaphonist?

Two corrections on the 49 Genealogy Uses for a Flutaphone list:

Schelly’s float has broccoli sprouts, not cauliflower heads,
sitting in flutaphone holders. Sorry, Schelly!

And I forgot that #29 was using a flutaphone as the parade
baton. So that is now #34:

#33 Genealogy CD holder. Crazy glue a flutaphone firmly to
the top of your computer desk (vertically so the mouth piece
is at the top). The open center of your genealogy CDs should
fit over the mouthpiece with some room to spare). -Janice

#34 - Baton- What could be more appropriate to use when
you're leading the Genealogist’s Parade?

I’ve gotten great entries into the Parade, but if you haven’t
sent yours in yet, you still have until midnight Feb 3rd to
submit one!


Becky said...

Hey Bill, here's my entry in your parade!

Jasia said...

Here's my parade entry Bill! (Thanks for the reminder... I almost forgot to let you know about it.)