Thursday, February 21, 2008


As is my habit on days off, I’ve been surfing the genealogy
blogs and Google news for something to read while drinking
my morning coffee.

Among the blogs today is Terry Thornton’s post about grits
and hommeny over at his Hill Country of Monroe County,
Mississippi. I’ll have to write sometime about the rather
unique use of corn meal the cooks at a former place of
employment had for it.

Jasia writes about getting the results of her DNA test back
but leaves us with a cliffhanger over what exactly those
results are!

Here’s an interesting story that ties genealogy and a
special license plate together.

And finally my brother Phil has confirmed that indeed that
Dad’s story of Blackfeet has been passed on to the next


Jasia said...

Tee hee hee! Gotcha!

Thanks for the mention Bill!

Terry Thornton said...

Bill, I look forward to learning about other uses of cornmeal! Thanks for mentioning my post --- I'll now have a Bill-blogavalanche.