Friday, February 15, 2008


I was going to play a number on my flutaphone, but let’s just
get to the awards instead!

BEST COMEDY: would have to be the ongoing and seemingly
never ending quest for 49 GENEALOGICAL USES FOR A
FLUTAPHONE, the most recently updated list being this one.
Of course, I couldn’t have done it without contributions from
some other writers: Janice, Terry, Apple, and Schelly

BEST SCREEN PLAY: I’m torn, so I’m cheating. For best
screenplay, I think ORPHA would make a great movie. I’d
choose Daniel Day Lewis for Jonathan Phelps West, Scarlet
Johansen for the doomed Orpha, and Hillary Swank for
Louisa Almata Richardson.

AMES MURDER posts. Emil Hirsch and Glenn Close would
play the roles of Jonathan Eames and his mother Elizabeth
Eames. Paul Giammati who is playing John Adams in the
upcoming HBO special would reprise that role with perhaps
Viggo Mortenson as the prosecutor and Sam Waterson
for the strangely silent Jonathan Eames, Sr. (we’d have to
write him some dialogue since there’s no testimony on record
from him).

BEST PICTURE: The winnerof this is the picture of my
grandmother Agnes McFarland that accompanies the post
AGGIE. It’s the oldest photograph in the family album and
shows her as a young beautiful girl. I only knew her for a
short while before she died and by then she’d had a difficult
life but in this picture she’s happy and looks ready for a bright
future. Everyone should have that feeling in their lives and I'd
like to think Aggie did.

BEST BIOGRAPHY is actually an autobiography: AUNT
, written by my Aunt Dorothy. I learned
things I never knew about my Dad’s childhood as well as
Dot’s. Also it was the beginning of many new discoveries in
my family history.

That concludes the First Annual West in New England IGene
Blog Awards. Thank you for coming, and drive safely!

This was written for the 42nd Carnival of Genealogy for which
Jasia asked us to choose winners for the awards in the above


Lidian said...

All of these were wonderful to read - I especially enjoyed the Eames/Ames murder case, and the story of Orpha - great detective work!

Lidian said...

And here I am again. Thank you so much for the marvellous poem! I will try to do one too -

A genealogist named West
Loves New England researching the best
But all manner of folk
From coast to coast
Love to read him, it must be confessed.