Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As Roseanee Roseannadanna used to say, “If it’s not one
thing it’s another.”

A week or so ago I received an email from a genealogical
research website telling me that the writer had enjoyed my
blog and felt it could be of value to other researchers, so
they’d added it to their links list. They asked that in return I
add the html code for a link to their website.

I’ll be honest. I forgot. I was involved with getting the
Genealogists' Parade together and with other writing.

The website sent me a reminder. I saved the email with the
intention of adding the site when I had time but again I forgot.
I was caught up in research and in writing and so haven’t
updated my blog template for several weeks.

Then tonight I opened a third email which once again pointed
out that linking our sites would be mutually beneficial and
again included the html code.

There was also a concluding paragraph in which the writer
sadly advised me that unless they heard back from me soon
they would need to remove my link from their genealogy

Ok, so I was inconsiderate I guess. But I’ve always followed
a policy here of only listing links to sites I enjoy or have found
useful to my research, nor do I expect those whose sites I
list here to list mine on their blogs simply I've linked to

So I went to the website and looked around. Then I thought
about it, and I guess something about that last paragraph in
this latest letter got my Irish up.

So I emailed them back and asked to have my blog removed
from their list.

Hey, I’m old and occasionally cranky.


Janice said...


Here's a cookie lol. You sure are the nicest cranky old genealogist that I know.


Jasia said...

I can really relate to this post Bill. Being as I design web sites all day you'd think my own sites and blogs would benefit greatly from my knowledge and skills. Not so. In fact just the opposite is true. I'm so busy working on others' sites I rarely put any time into my own. When I get hobby time I put it into writing blog posts rather than updating my blog or web sites. I keep meaning to update my blog roll by adding more links but I never seem to get around to it. But one of these days I will!!!

Elizabeth said...

That's ok Bill. You're allowed to be cranky. I get those emails all the time for some web sites I manage, and I usually just trash 'em. If they're going to be that petty, then forget it.

footnoteMaven said...


There is no blogging law of linking quid pro quo.

Quid pro quo is an exchange of one thing for another, by mutual agreement.

Life gets in the way of the small stuff, and you certainly know how long it takes for me to get links up.

If they liked you so much they would have added your link regardless. It appears more important to them was seeing theirs on yours. Really bad form.

This would certainly have bunched my undies and I would have done the same as you.


Becky said...

Good for you Bill. Cranky and old isn't always a bad thing ;-)

Usually when I get a request from someone to add a link to their website from mine or my blog or if they ask me to mention their site in a post, I ignore it. I may check out the site, but 9 times out of 10 it's not worth mentioning never mind linking to! So I guess I'm old and cranky as well.

Ken Spangler` said...

Sounds right! I've never linked to someone because they asked me to. I only link to those blogs that I frequent or find useful.

Now, go get you something to calm you down some, will ya! :-)

Lori Thornton said...

I get those requests often, and I just ignore them. Most of the time, those are just sites trying to improve their traffic or rank, and they aren't very good quality. In fact, some end up becoming spam blogs. I forget to update my links on the blog template anyway, and I know I have lots I should add. I also suspect that one or two have changed. Thanks for the reminder to update my blog links though.

Randy Seaver said...


What am I doing wrong? I never get requests like that!

I agree with Janice - life is short, eat dessert first! Have a cookie, or a doughnut, or some strawberries - enjoy. And go check out more web sites, find more ancestors or ocusins, and laugh at your good fortune.

Cheers -- Randy