Sunday, February 17, 2008


Alright, like a squirrel burying acorns I've been
leaving limericks all over the place at other
geneabloggers' sites and then forgetting where
I'd left them. So these are the ones I could find
after a quick check of my bookmarks:

A Berkshire greenman named Tim,
Will often just on a whim
Post old family photos
And then ask us just who knows
Funny captions to put upon them.

I finally managed to capture
A phrase that would rhyme with CowHampshire.
How could I know Tim Abbott
Would already grab it?
And now I can’t use it for damn sure!

Aw heck. I recycled it. Tim will approve!

If at blogging you want to succeed
Then it’s AnceStories you need
Miriam never stints
With great writing hints
For a blog that is pleasing to read!

Jasia hosts the COG
A blog where you’ll always see
A selection inviting
Of genealogy writing.
A Creative Gene-ius is she!

Oh how I wish I could be
As clever as Tom MacEntee
But I just couldn’t do
A decent haiku!
This was all I could do, as you see.

If it’s source accuracy that you’re cravin’
Check them out with our friend footnoteMaven.
She’ll quickly commence
And consult EVIDENCE!
To help get your citations behavin’!

This one was for Randy:

An ace genealogy mister
Who lives out in old Chula Vista
Climbs family trees
With greatest of ease
Without even raising a blister!

There once was man name of Terry
A talented lad was he, very!
With the knowledge he’d bring
He could blog anything,
And that made our man Terry merry!

A gal from the `poke name of Liz,
Said "Look here,the truth of it is
I'm just not a poet,
My writing will show it!"
Then she wrote one and she proved that she is!

Come along with me now and we’ll go
To the Virtual Dime Museum Show
If it’s rare or unique
Knowledge that you seek
Lidian is the one in the know!

And these are the ones written about yours truly:

Tim Abbott:

Three cheers for Bill West in New England!
And his penchant for distant kin minglin!
(Though this meter his tongue sets a tinglin')
A droll wit, ever wry,
Geneaologist spry,
So with poetic praise him I'm singlin'!

Terry Thornton:

Hello Cutter.
Hello Mutter.
Bill finds nutter ---
Flutaphone fugues
Fishing for togues
To fry in butter.

It was west to New England
Not east badland nor south gangland
Where Bill struggled with longhand
To write his fanfare fugue,
Flutaphone Common-man Togue,
Not trout but togue a la Copland.


Not last, Bill West with Flutaphone,
For research he can hold his own.
Tho music talent is overblown.
He claims a poet he is not,
Blaming Thornton on the spot,
Who needs to learn of sticks and stone.

Thomas MacEntee:


There once was a man from New England
an invite he wanted to extend
flutaphones he did dream
parade floats was the scheme
a great meme, fans did love without end


A book-sellng guy
"Young man go West" he knew
great blogging ensues

For those I haven't with
a limerick, my apologies. I think my brain has
overdosed on bad rhyming!


Lori Thornton said...

You've been tagged in the non-fiction meme.

GreenmanTim said...

Approve, most heartily!