Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Welcome to the Genalogist’s Parade, brought to you by
Acme Lawn Food, because Lawns Have Roots, Too!

Leading off our Parade is the Family band unit entered by
Janet the Researcher. What a talented family it is, too,
led by her BandMaster grandfather William! Janet's Family
is awarded the King Family Award for Most Musical Family
in the parade.

And here comes our first float, entered by Lori Thornton,
the Smoky Mountain Family Historian displaying her
heritage from the Perkins Family of Ipswich, Ma. Centerpiece
of her float is a model of the Great Migration vessel the
Lyon, a true case of floating one’s boat. Lori’s entry holds
the "We're Number 1!" award as the first float entered in
the parade.

Now rounding the corner to pass before the review stand on
the hill before the Dyer Memorial Library is Schelly Talalay’s
Family Float.
Winner of the coveted Golden Flutaphone
Award for the Best Use of Decorative Flutaphones, Schelly’s
entry celebrates her family’s achievements in the latex foam
rubber industry and in cancer research and is easily one of
the most colorful floats in our parade.

Wait! Wow! Look at that! It’s Elizabeth’s Mother Ship float
complete with mysterious passengers and a shamrock to
symbolize the mystery surrounding some of Elizabeth’s
ancestors. Elizabeth wins the FinalFrontier award for best
use of an intergalactic spaceship!

From one grand mode of transportation to another as
Elizabeth is followed by Colleen’s Oration’s of OMcHodoy
float. Collen wins our Casey Jones Award for the first entry
using a Train Car.

Our transportation theme continues with Tex’s float from
All My Ancestors, which features a tractor, a wheat field, and
music! Tex receives the Wheaties Award for Best Use of A
Cereal Grain Ingredient.

The next unit is Apple’s depiction of her family’s ties to the
Erie Canal, featuring a flutaphone and chorus rendition of a
great American folksong. Apple is awarded the Borax Award
for Best Use of a Mule Team in a Parade.

Jessica from Jessica’s GeneJournal has chosen to celebrate
her family’s connection to the state of Michigan and wins the
Wolverine State Award for Best Use of Michigan History.

The sweet strains of “Amazing Grace” played on flutaphone
precede the passing of Becky’s Kinnexion’s display of her
Phend and Wiseman heritage and has been presented the
Swiss Miss Award for Alpine ancestry.

A chorus of beeping car horns and flashing lights heralds the
approach of Lisa’s classic automobile unit from 100 Years in
America honoring her Toth and Ujlaki families and winning
our Motor City Award for celebrating our nation’s love of cars

They are followed by another convertible bearing our Grand
Marshal, footnoteMaven!

Lidian of the Virtual Dime Museum ‘s float is a colorful
invocation of a day in a city park and easily wins the Mitch
Miller Memorial Award for Multilingual Three Part
Harmony Perfomances.

And their music is followed by Jasia's PolAm Parade
Float, a proud presentation of Polish American
Heritage and the winner of the Janice Brown Award for
Best Genealogical Themed Dancing!

Now come the two largest floats in the parade. First is Terry
Thornton’s Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi which
depicts….well…pretty much all of Monroe County. It’s one
fine float and winner of the King Cake Award for the Largest
Float in the Parade.

Next is Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings entry with scenes
from four different time periods that his ancestors lived
through. Randy receives the Orville Redenbacher Award for
Most Original Harvesting Of Corn (with a flutaphone).

And finally, last but not least, is my own West family float,
which wins the award for Last Float in the Parade.

I hope you enjoyed the parade, and I thank one and all for
their particpation!


Jasia said...

Splendid! It's a splendid parade Bill! You did a fine job and I am happy to be a part of your parade!


Hi, Bill,

A great parade!

Now if we only had a computer graphics and video genius among us to translate this colorful event into a YouTube entry!


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Thanks for organizing such a great event, Bill. I feel like I need a big, sticky cotton candy now!

Terry Thornton said...

What a parade! Thanks, Bill, for a great genealogy parade. What a good assortment of articles to go read.

footnoteMaven said...


A virtual hug and kiss to you. I thought I would have to stand on the curb and wave as you all passed by.

A convertible, Grand Marshall! I am so honored!


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Wow! The parade was great. I loved all of the flutephones. We must have tied up traffic all afternoon.

Colleen said...

Wow! This brings me back to parades along Main Street in Niagara Falls! Great parade, and what fun to partake in it!