Wednesday, January 16, 2008


#29 - Baton- What could be more appropriate to use when you're
leading the Genealogist’s Parade in the immortal musical
“The Genealogy Man?

Come on, sing it with me:

“76 Laptops lead the big parade
With 110 PDAs close at hand
They were followed by rows and rows
Of folks who wisely know
To keep their gedcoms close at hand!”

So. A challenge to my fellow genealogy bloggers. It’s the
Genealogist’s Parade and you have a float in it. It can
be on anything or anyone in your family tree or it can reflect
your heritage. It can be serious or humorous.

What’s on your float? Post it here or on your blog but let me
know so we can run them here past the Review Stand!


Janet I said...

We have a band not a float. Check it out at Janet the Researcher

Bill West said...

Hi Janet!

Well, so far you're the first to enter a unit. The more the merrier, and any parade needs at least two or three bands!

Lori Thornton said...

I've entered my float in the parade! It's at

Bill West said...

Hey Lori!
That's the first float entered!

Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

Hi, Bill,

A great challenge!

Here's our Talalay float description:

Tracing the Tribe

Colleen said...

I hope it's not too late! My float is ready at my new blog, Orations of OMcHodoy (!

Elizabeth said...

Here's my float, Bill:

Bill West said...

I'm still grinning.
For some reason your post addy
got chopped up so I'll post it
here again so the rest of the
genealogy bloggers can see it:

Tex said...

It's pretty boring, but representative. :-)
It's at

Lidian said...

I was inspired by this challenge to make a float too. It is over at my blog -

Thanks for this - it was so much fun!

Lisa said...

What would a parade be without some classic automobiles to carry the dignitaries?

You can find my entry at The love of fine cars: it's in the genes.

See you at the parade!