Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well, it’s that time of year when folks make New Year’s r
esolutions and we genealogy bloggers are busy making our lists.

So here’s mine.

One, to break that John Cutter West brick wall.

Two, to spend more time on my maternal line. I’ve found so
much lately about Dad’s side of the family that I feel like I’ve
neglected the Whites and McFarlands. So I’ll research more and
blog more about them and try to break down those brick walls
as well.

Three, to get my files better organized and correctly cite my

Four, try to make it out to Ohio some time next year to visit
with my Aunt Dorothy and my cousins, including Diana and

Five, try to get OUT to do research at the BPL main branch, the
NEGHS, the Massachusetts State Archives and the Hingham
Family Search Center.

Six, get all the pictures scanned. I am considering rearranging
my work station. At present, the printer is on the top shelf and
getting up and down to place or remove pictures may be good for
my health but it sure slows down the process. I may swap the
printer/scanner with the cpu.

Seven, come up with more genealogy related uses for flutaphones!

So, we’ll see how well I’ve done by next New Years!


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Bill -

One more item to place on your list: discuss McCue family with Lisa of Small-leaved Shamrock. I can't find your email, so contact me when you have a chance.

I'm wondering if we really have a family connection there.

Maybe the new year will tell!

Good luck on all your resolutions...

Janice said...


I hope you break down your brick wall!

Happy New Year.


Lee said...

"Seven, come up with more genealogy related uses for flutaphones!"

This should be interesting!

I wish you much happiness and good fortune in the new year!

footnoteMaven said...


So glad to see resolution number three - to your files better organized and correctly cite your

Warms the footnoteMaven's heart!


Colleen said...

Okay, Bill. You can add omchodoy at comcast dot com to your list of people to talk to about your McCUE line. I have two lines with this last name, one with possibly that spelling and the other McHUGH.

And thanks for making me ROFLMBFUAO with the flutaphone!