Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I had to take a break from the Advent Calendar of Christmas
Memories Carnival because to be completely honest, I didn’t
have anything to post. Our family didn’t have the wherewithal to
take Christmas vacations or trips. In later years my folks
were active in the VFW and often visited the vets at the Brockton
V.A. Hospital but my younger brother Phil was the only one of us
kids who ever went along with them. My entry for the next topic
will be short but there will be others after that which hopefully
will have a bit more substance to them.

Meanwhile, I found a nice surprise in my mailbox tonight when I
got home from work, a large manila envelope from my cousin
Diana out in Ohio. She and her Mom, my Aunt Dorothy (or Dot),
sent along some copies of things I haven’t seen before:

Copies of the Family Births, Death, and Marriages recorded in the
bible of my ancestress, Louisa Almata(Richardson) West.

Copies of WW1 furlough papers issued to my grandfather, Floyd
E. West, Sr.

A copy of a document granting my grandfather “permission to
hunt and trap fur-bearing animals” on land owned by David
Pingree and the estate of David Upham Coe. It is dated October
8, 1925 .

A copy of a newspaper clipping of an article from the Oxford
County Advertiser dated Friday February 8,1905 entitled “The
Value of A Compass”. It tells the story of how Enoch Abbott,
Joseph Chase, and John West(my 3x great grandfather John
Cutter West) became lost in the woods and how John West used
his head to find shelter in 1845.

I’ll be scanning (and making back up copies of all of these) and sharing
them here soon!

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