Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ah, fruitcake! The food. The Myth. The Legend.

We’ve never had any of the perpetual fruitcakes hanging about
for weeks or months in our family. We’re a practical bunch. If it
tastes good, we eat it. If it doesn’t, well, out it goes!

I have however invented a mythical fruitcake named Margaret.

Like distant cousin Tim Abbot over at Walking the Berkshires I
have been a role-player for years although mine has been online
instead of tabletop Dungeons and Dragons. One of my characters
is an eccentric Scotsman and last Christmas he gave another
character Margaret the Fruitcake as a Christmas gift.

It seems it was baked by a female relative who passed away
while doing so and the Scotsman believes (he says) that her spirit
inhabits her final fruitcake. Margaret has been exchanged
between family members each Christmas but last year it was
given to a young squire. Various adventures ensued including a
jailbreak where Margaret was used as a weapon and the
disappearance of the haunted fruitcake sometime around

Yeah, I know.

I’m nutty as a fruitcake

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Janice said...

Hahaha I love that the fruitcake was used as a weapon....

I passed along an original D&D box with graph paper, booklet, and dice to my son. He plays the electronic kind now.

I wonder if he has the original. It might be worth something :D


Terry Thornton said...

LOL! In this world it sometimes helps to be "nutty as a fruitcake!" I enjoyed "Margaret, The Haunted Fruitcake" and I look forward to hearing the next installment of her haunts. MERRY CHRISTMAS!