Monday, May 04, 2009


This Summer?

This Fall?

As an early morning show on MSNBC at 2 in the morning?


Perhaps the network will "jazz it up" or combine the concept with another of
its shows?

"Chuck" has quit his job at "Buy More" so maybe he can go to work at the
NEHGS in between spy missions.

Or they could strand five researchers in the Library of Congress in a new reality
show called "I'm a Genealogist, Get Me Out of Here!"

"Medium" could include a synopsis of the genealogy of the ghosts Alison
DuBois talks with.

Genealogists could examine family trees for errors in "Last Gedcom Standing."

Anyone else have any ideas?


Greta Koehl said...

Am I the only one who watches Medium and thinks, "I'd use my powers to find out who my ancestors were"? BTW, you have been awarded the Friendly Blogger Award (

Diana Ritchie said...

I love these ideas!! The only problem with these reality shows is that they are pitting all the contestants against each other ~ get a group of genealogists together and we'd all be trying to help the other person ;-)

Harold's Daughter said...

Greta, it is rather amazing that none of Allison or Joe's ancestors ever appear in her dreams. Or the "Ghost Whisperer" never runs into any of hers. That's at least one entire season of material for either show!

DianaR, for the reason you mention, there will never be a GA (Genealogists Anonymous). Even if we had to check our laptops and notebooks at the door, it's a no brainer that someone would find a "new" cousin before the meeting was over!