Monday, May 04, 2009


If you haven't already caught this before, here's something to watch
while waiting for NBC to decide when and if it will air "Who Do You Think
You Are?" . It's a program called "Lost Royals" and the WGBH TV(Boston)
website has the following description:

"This program sifts through 900 years of history in a search for unfaithful English monarchs — and their unknowing descendants. With the help of genealogists Stephen Thomas and Anthony Adolph, host Jennie Bond, a former royal correspondent for the BBC, traces the illegitimate offspring of famed philanderers such as Charles II through history, and tracks down their modern-day descendants — most of whom are unaware of their royal heritage."

It will air in Boston on Monday May 4th at 9:30pm on Channel 2 and Thursday May 7th
at 8pm on Channel 44
. Check your local listings to see if your local PBS station
is airing it as well!


BDM said...

Thanks for this! Sounds great. I hope we can catch it here in Canada.

Harold's Daughter said...

I missed it but will look for a webcast or DVD.