Friday, May 29, 2009


After finishing the post about the "Sixteen States of Maine Song"
I made an attempt to come up with a "Fourteen States of Massachusetts"
equivalent. I'm dealing with a nagging sinus headache today so I didn't
get very far. Or maybe I could do a song with my ancestors names.
But no luck as yet.

And then it hit me: an idea for a genea-blogger challenge. And so, I
present The First Great Genea-Bloggers' Just Make Up Some Lyrics

The rules are simple:

1. Set the names of your ancestors to the music of any song. It can be
any number of names, any song. Just remember to mention what song
you are using so we can all sing along as we read!

2. Publish your efforts on your blog and send me the link. If you don't have
a blog( and you really should, you know, they're easy and fun to do) then send
me your song in a comment to this blog.

2. Dead line is June 30th. I'll publish the final list here on the 4th of July!

There. There's a lot of talented people out there in the genea-blogging
community and this should be fun. Maybe people will sing their songs to
each other at genealogy conferences. Flutaphone accompaniments would
be optional.

Er..ok..maybe not...


Sheri Fenley said...

Brilliant idea, simply brilliant!

Jasia said...

Great idea, Bill! I'll have to come up with something...

John said...

I hope the flutaphone accompaniment will be optional. I find singing while playing a flutophone difficult.

Bill West said...

Thanks, Sheri, Jasia and John.

Well John, obviously it would have to be a group effort. But if
flutaphones aren't available, a good kazoo player or two is an acceptable

Thomas MacEntee said...

Great idea Bill! Here's my entry:

Bill West said...

Fantastic, Thomas!

Mary said...

OK, Bill, here's my effort:

footnoteMaven said...


Love this idea and you can find Runaround Lu here.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, Bill, but I wrote my song before I saw YOUR song. Er, you're singing my song ;-) But, I posted my effort anyway. Great minds think alike, right? Note to self: read the creator's own submission before writing one of your own...

Kaaihue Genealogy Project said...


This was a ton of fun! Here is my humble contribution:

I loved everyone's submissions...boy are there some creative people out there! Looking forward to more challenges!


Bill West said...

Great stuff Mary,fM, Donna and Leilani!

I'm having a great time "singing" along!


Amanda E. Perrine said...

Here goes nothing:-)

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

I just couldn't resist this challenge, Bill. Here is my answer to your lyric challenge: 100 Years in America the Beautiful.


Bill West said...

Thanks Amanda and Lisa!