Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JEREMIAH SWAIN PART 10: "...not to trouble your Honors further..."

Part 10 in a series of posts about 9x great-grandfather Jeremiah Swain:

Letter from Jer. Sweyne

ffrom or head quartrs att Salmon falls in Barwick
Octohr 8. 89
Honrd Sirs
After ye tender of my humble Service to yor Honors, these are to acquaint yor Selves
yet thru ye goodness of God I am in pretty good health hoping yet these will finde
yor honors so, also to acquaint you that I received yor letter yesterday about 5 of
ye clock in ye afternoone & wt referred to ye Maquas wee coppied out & Posted
awaie to Majr Church with some other business of or owne in yor Honors letter we understand vt you have not had any account from us of or proceedings ye wch I do exceedingly wonder att. & am as much troubled to hear for I thought I had tooke an
effectual care vt yor Honors might have advice of all or motions, wee wrote you a
letter dated 16: Sept. giving account of all from Haverhill 'till vt day & sent it by one
of or own Soldiers Joshua Blanchard by name who lives on Mistick side belonging to Charlestown pray lett him be called to an account about. vn from vt day to ye 5th
instant we gave yor Honors an account by Quartr Master Whitmore of Medford &
since vt time wee have another scout returned from Wemepesiocke who marched round
it Supposed to be a 100 miles, found a barne of corne & some small things but none of
ye Enimy Supposed to have bin there this fortnight by their paths but one path to ye Westward but ye biggest path towards Ossabe, wee also Sent to Majr Church to advice
him concerning or next motion, whether Estward or westward to ye Chestnut Country
where some suppose some of ye Enimy is gon, wee by or last gave yor Honors an
account of three men Surprised by ye Enimy att Saco, ye next day was seen uppon ye
Sands about 200 Indians marching Estward since vt wee have not heard of them, or
men are many of them sick lame & stand in need of a Surgion, & good medicines further
we have bin moving to ye Gentm of Portsmouth that about 60 men be raised in that
pvince in case of or moving Estward & by reason of ye deficiency of so many of or
Soldiers I think I must call off Capt Noyes in case of or motion Estward. pray send
us more cloathes of all sorts. not to trouble yor Honors further att psent I rest &
subscribe myself yor Honors most humble servant att command.

Jer: Sweyne.

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