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I haven't as yet found any material on Jeremiah Swain's actions in Maine during
the campaign of 1677.So this might be a good spot to pause and discuss his
life outside the military.

On 5 Nov 1664, Jeremiah married Mary Smith, probably at Reading, Ma. She was
the daughter of John Smith and Catherine Morrill, and granddaughter of Francis
Smith, an early settler of Watertown, Ma. and one of the first setters of Reading.
By the time Jeremiah took part in and was wounded at the great Swamp Fight in 1675,
he and Mary had six children, (two of whom, both named John, had died in infancy)
and three more followed after.

Although Jeremiah was a physician, he led a very active political life. He was a Reading
Town Selectmen several times over his lifetime, the first time in 1673. He seems to
have been voted out because there is a gap until his next election in 1677, which in light
of the controversy over the militia post in that year might indicate how much of a political
furor there was in the town that year. Jeremiah served three years until 1680, then in
1683, 1684, 1697, and 1701.

He served as Reading's representative in the General court in Boston from 1685-1689,
again in 1694 and then from 1702-1706. Finally he was a Governor's Assistant in 1690
and 1696.

So whatever occurred in Maine in 1677, Jeremiah led a busy and prominent life afterward
and in 1689, he would once more resume his role as an officer in the Massachusetts militia.

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BeNotForgot said...

During this time period . . . actually on the 15th of October 1675 . . . my 9th great-grandpa, Isaac Botts, was killed by Indians at Salmon Fallas in Berwick, Maine . . .