Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have some news of a non-genealogical nature I wanted to share.

For some time now I've been writing stories and poetry in the
fantasy genre. I've always been an avid reader of the genre as
well as of history and mythology, and like my distant cousin
Tim Abbott I've role-played as well. Despite being told by
friends and family that I should submit something to a publisher
I've been a bit hesitant to do so. Okay, more like forty years
hesitant to do so.

Long story short:I finally submitted some of my poems to
a magazine, and one is being published in Renaissance Magazine,
probably in issue #69.

So in a few months, I'll be a published poet!


Jasia said...

Oh my gosh, Bill! How cool is that!?! Congratulations on your new status as a published poet!

Bill West said...

Thanks Jasia!

Greta Koehl said...

This is fabulous! But of course, being ahead of the curve, we all knew already what a talented writer you are. Congratulations!

Harold's Daughter said...

Congratulations! I haven't read Renaissance mag for years (subscription ran out and didn't renew), but will have to look for issue #69 at B&N!