Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've been a bit lazy posting to my blog the last week or so. Usually
I post in that period just after I've napped in front of the tv set and
go at it until I'm sleepy enough to head off to bed. But this past week
I can't work up the ambition to write so I putter around the web and
Facebook instead.

But I WILL get my brain back in gear, honest! I think it's the change
of seasons and warmer weather making me lazy!

Meanwhile, I'd like to thank Greta from Greta's Genealogy Blog for
awarding me the Friendly Blogger Award! Thanks Greta, it' s
much appreciated! Of course, by now most of the geneabloggers
who I'd instantly nominate for this have already received it. For now,
I'm nominating all those blogs in my Blog Roll because any and all of
them deserve it. The Geneablogger Community is filled with folks
that are friendly and willing to lend a hand or answer questions!

Thanks again, Greta!

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