Monday, September 29, 2008


Last year around this time I ran a series of posts about books dealing
with the ghostly and supernatural events of New England. As the
person in charge of the Local Interest section of the bookstore I'm
always looking for those books and the closer to this area of
Massachusetts the better. Recently we received a new book ,
Ghosts of the Bridgewater Triangle, written by Christopher Balzano
and it's been one of the best sellers from my display table.

The Bridgewater Triangle is an area in southeastern Massachusetts
within which some very strange things have been seen over the
years going as far back to before the colonists arrived. Mr. Balzano
has gathered many of them together in his book, stories apparitions
and occurrences in such diverse places as graveyards, colleges,
asylums, homes and factories. There's a lot of things here that I hadn't
read or heard about before, and if you are a resident of the area, you
might enjoy visiting some of the locations. Who knows? You might
see one of the ghosts yourself.

The Bridgewater Triangle covers two hundred square miles with
Freetown and Rehoboth at the bottom corners and my own town
of Abington at the tip of the Triangle. Besides myself, two other of
my coworkers come from Abington and our manager comes from
Dighton, at the bottom point near Rehoboth. So we were all of
course fascinated by the book and my manager even visited
one of the places Mr. Balzano writes about the Old Village Cemetery
in Rehoboth and had a brush with the supernatural. We're hoping
we can have Mr. Balzano in for the store for a signing soon for the
Halloween season so we talk about the Triangle with him.

Even if you aren't from this area of Massachusetts, if you have an
interest in unusual and unexplained phenomena, you'll enjoy Christopher
Balzano's Ghosts of the Bridgewater Triangle. It's published by
Schiffer Publications as a $14.99 paperback book.

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