Thursday, September 18, 2008


The 56th Carnival of Genealogy is up at Lori Thornton's Smoky
Mountain Family Historian
and it's a first: a two parter! Part One
is the actual posts submitted by the participating genea-bloggers
on the topic "10 Essential Books in My Genealogy Library".
There are 33 contributors in this CoG and a wide range of books
mentioned, so many in fact that in Part Two Lori lists all the ones
selected in order of most mentions. (Number one is Evidence
Explained with 15 mentions.)

Lori also gives the call for submissions for the next Carnival of

"The topic for the next edition of the COG will be: I read it in the news!
Newspapers can be a wonderful source of family history information.
Share some aspect about your family history that you learned about in
a newspaper. Articles, advertisements, obituaries, classified ads, photos...
all are fair game if they appeared in a newspaper. What did you learn
about your family from this information? Was the information accurate?
How did you learn about this information... online search? Perusing old
newspapers? A clipping saved by a relative? Fill us in on your family
scoops... who in your family was in the news? The deadline for
submissions is October 1st. The next edition will be hosted at
the Creative Gene blog."

So stop the presses and send along your entry to the 57th edition of
the Carnival of Genealogy here and include a brief description of your
article in the "comment" box of the form !

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