Sunday, September 07, 2008


It's Sunday morning and I'm back to my usual football season routine
of browsing the web and my fellow genealogy blogger's blogs as I
eat my toast and drink my coffee.

There's certainly plenty of reading material, too, since Jasia posted
the 55th Carnival of Genealogy and I think it's a record number of
entries with 50 articles from 49 contributors. I'm going to have to
come back to that after the Patriots' game to read whatever I don't
get to before the game! The theme this time around is "Show &
Tell" and my post on the "Amos Hastings Barker Family Reunion,
1896" was my entry. The next COG is on "10 Essential Books in
My Genealogical Library" and the deadline is Sept. 15th. You can
submit an entry here, and please include a short introduction of
your article in the "comments" box. The COG has grown to such
a point now that at 40 or 50 entries, it's the least we can do to make it
easier for Jasia to get it ready.

Hmm. Maybe I can come up with a new genealogical term for
this? Genea-brunch? Genea-bloggersbord?

Readers might have notice a change in this blog's layout starting about
10 days ago. It's a result of my setting up a mirror site over on Wordpress
as a backup. The layout I used there appealed seemed "cleaner" to me
and I switched to a similar one here at Blogger. I've noticed that I have
less margin problems with the text with this new layout, so that was an
added benefit.

That's it for now. The pregame show is nearly on.


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