Sunday, September 07, 2008


About 9pm tonight the fire alarm in my apartment went off and I
quickly realized it was the whole building's alarms sounding. I
went outside to find my neighbors standing around trying to
figure out what was wrong. None of us had smelled nor seen
smoke. As we waited for the fire trucks to arrive, I went back
in to my apartment and got the only item I could think of I
needed to save, the West Family Bible that I wrote about in my
last post.

After about ten minutes the alarms went silent after the fire
department fixed whatever was wrong in the control panel
downstairs in the basement. I brought the Bible back inside
just as it began to rain(remnants of tropical storm Hannah).
By the time I went back outside, the fire trucks were gone and
the neighbors were all back inside.

All in all, an interesting experience but not one I want to repeat
soon, nor am I in any great hurry to have to deal with the real

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