Sunday, September 14, 2008


Some choices from my Sunday "geneabloggers-bord":

Thomas over at Destination: Austin Family has been trying to get
the term "genea-blogger" added to Wikipedia but they can't seem to
bring themselves to accept it as a legitimate word. Read his letter
to them here on his blog.

So I guess I should not ask to add geneabloggers-bord then?

Randy Seaver on Genea-musings has a post about and a link to a
most unusual obituary that made me laugh. This was a lady with a
sense of humor and whoever wrote this showed their love by honoring
her with laughter.

And here's a link to a story about the return of a "kidnapped" mechanical
gorilla to its rightful place at a store in East Machias, Maine. It has
nothing to do with genealogy, but I was struck by the contrast between
the philosophy of the volunteer who transported the gorilla home with
that of the attitude of the "kidnapper".

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