Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Hmm. Genealogy is a funny thing. You can go days without much
and then… BANG.. a bunch of stuff turns up! Such as:

- I read on Randy’s Genea-Musings about the
free 7-day trial membership. I went over, signed up, and found
Revolutionary War Pension & Land Grant Files on Asa Barrows,
James Dunham, and John Ames. More on these in future posts.

- I found information about another Ames relative that
VERY interesting and that too shall be the subject of future posts.

-I was contacted through about my ancestor John
Ellingwood Jr. An exchange of email determined the person who
asked is descended from his son Oscar P, Ellingwood, younger
brother of my great great grandfather Asa F. Ellingwood. So I’ve
found another cousin(although I haven’t heard anymore since).

-And I’m looking into another matter which if it pans out might
mean I’ve another distant cousin.

Is there the genealogy equivalent of the Snoopy Dance of Joy?

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Miriam said...

To answer your question: Yes, it has been referred to by many as the "Genealogy Happy Dance." It can be seen in courthouses, libraries, archives, and Family History Centers, not to mention cemeteries. However, the inside version tends to be done in a stifled, muted manner, while the outdoor (cemetery) version can be accompanied by high jumps and shouts of "Whoopee!" ;-)