Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I've written about finding the Revolutionary War Pension Files
for some of my colonial era ancestors and have been transcribing
them to my genealogy program

This first one is for John Ames who was born in Groton, Ma.
on 23 Aug 1756 and died in Canton Me. on 30
Sep 1833. His file consists of 10 images.

The first is of a lined page with several headings and entries
below them.
Below Service is "Mass." On the far right hand of the same
line is the heading Number and below that is "S.31,518."

John Ames' name appears on the line dead center between
"Mass" and "S.31,518"

The next image is of two pages from a book that appears to have
been ledger size.

The right hand page is mostly blank except for three notations:

At the top of the page is : B.L. 25.566-160.35

Further down are some figures which become important when
you look at the facing page. First comes this :

Six hash marks ( I I I I I I I ) separate this from a second set of

55 54

The left hand page has the heading “Maine” handwritten in big
letters in very fine penmanship over a double line. Beneath it are
the words:

“John Ames late of the Oxford Co. in the state of Maine who
was a private in the Comp commanded by Captain Parker of
the Regt. commanded by Col. Prescott in the Massa---
time for 8 mos.& 10ds.”

The next paragraph is enclosed in large brackets:

“John, Jonathan P. & Ralph
Ames, Sally Fuller, Betsey Put
-nam & Polly Polland heirs-
died 30th Sep. 1833”

Another double line across the page and then this:

Inscribed on the roll of Maine-------
at the rate of 27 dollars 77 cents per annum
to commence on the 4th day of March,1834

Another double line, then:
Certificate of Pension issued the 11th day of Dec
1833--------and sent to W. Allen, Jr. Norridgewock”

Under another set of double lines the math from the other page
comes into play:
Arrears to the 4th of Sep.’33 $69.42
Allowance ending 30 Sep’33 3.12
{Revolutionary Claim}
Act, June 7,1832

Recorded by Geo. C. Stiles Clerk,
Book 6 Vol 2 Page 1

This appears to have been some standardized form and those
words I've put in bold letters seem to have been preprinted
on the page.

Also,the word "Settlement" is the first word on the line with
Allowance but I don't know how to display a crossed over word
so I left it off.

The list of John's heirs confirms the information about his family
that I learned at Larry Overmire's site.

So, John Ames was granted a pension but died before he could
recieve it and it went to his heirs instead.

But what exactly did he do in the Revolution?

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