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The next image is of a page with the printed heading
The setup of the page is hard to reproduce here since I
hesitate to post the image itself. Also, I've placed all
preprinted parts in boldface. The punctuation and abbreviations
are as they appear on the document. Any word or name I am
unsure of is followed by a (?).

" Declaration
In order to obtain the benefits of the Act of Congress of

the 7th of June,1832
Oxford County
on this twenty seventh day of September, A.D. 1832
personally appeared in the open court at Norridgewock
before the Hon. NathanWeston, Jr. Justice of the Supreme
Judicial Court of said State, John Ames, a resident of Canton in
the County of Oxford and State of Maine, aged seventy six
years; who being first duly sworn ,according to law,
doth on his oath make the following declaration, in

order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the
Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832. That he enlisted in
the Army of the United States in the year 1775 with
Captain Oliver Parker and served in Col. Wm Prescott’s
regiment of the Massachusetts line or troops under the
following named officers: namely, first, the said Parker,
afterwards Asa Lawrence, Captains; William Prescott, Col;
Putnam, Lee & Washington Generals; about eight months and a
half to wit from the last of April 1775 to the 10th of January,
1776; that he first marched to Cambridge, Massachusetts and was
quartered in a barn afterwards in Andrew Bowman’s house in
Cambridge very near the meeting house in Cambridge near Boston
during the first of his enlistment which was for eight months; that
after he had served out the full term of his enlistment his officers
persuaded him to remain in service till a detachment of militia,
called six weeks men, came in, or until new enlistments were made
for the year’s service in 1776; that he accordingly did remain on
duty in Cambridge in the army till the 10th of January, 1776; that
he was then dismissed but did not receive any written discharge.

And to the interrogatories propounded under the
intentions of the war department he answers: that he was
born in Groton near Lexington in Massachusetts in August 1756,
that his age is recorded in the town books in Groton that when he
enlisted he was living in Groton that he had enrolled himself with
a company of militia men under Capt Lawrence in the fall of 1774
was often called out to do military duty, was at the Lexington fight
on the 19th of April 1775 and marched with Capt Lawrence’s
company to Cambridge in pursuit of the British troops when they
returned to Boston and then remained several days at Cambridge
and in the vicinity of Boston and then returned to Groton, and in
a few days he thinks in April he enlisted under Capt Parker, with
the assurance that he should have the privilege of serving under
Capt Lawrence if he chose it but after his company joined the
army Capt Parker refused to let him or any in his company leave
him to join Capt Lawrence until they applied to the Committee of
Safety and until their case was laid before Genl Washington their
commander in chief: who gave directions for the men to select the
Captains under whom they wished to serve that he then was
transferred to and joined Capt Lawrence’s company in July and
served out his time and ten days as above stated; that Genl
Putnam and General Lee had command at first afterwards Genl
Washington; that he often saw them; that Col. Gerishs (?) Regt
was stationed near Col. Prescott, that Henry Wood was his
Major, that Obadiah Wetherell was his orderly sergeant and the
next year was Ensign and then Lieutenant, that John Hazen,
David Hazen, James Shea, Saml Gibson, Jonathan Lewis and
Eleazer Parker were also privates in the same company; that he
continued to live in Groton twelve years after Rev. war, then lived
in Hollis, N.H. four years; then in Livermore, Maine, then in
Hartford & then in Canton where he has lived at eight years."

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a
pensionor an annuity, except the present, and he
declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll
of any agency in any state.

After this is another handwritten entry:
“Obadiah Wetherell Esq who was his orderly sergeant and
____ Spaulding who was in the army in Cambridge with him can
testify as to his account. Hon. Cornelius Holland, member of
congress and Charles Fuller of Canton, Maine and all his
acquaintances and neighbors will testify to his character for
veracity and other tales of his record as his service as a soldier of
the Revolution; that he never received any written discharge.”
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid
in the open court before me, Nathan Weston Jr, Justice of the
Supreme Judicial Court.
And the said Justice, before whom said court was held(?) does
hereby declare his opinion that the above named
applicant was a RevolutionarySoldier and did serve as
he states.
Nathaniel Weston Jr."

John Ames’ name is signed just off to the right of the page slightly
above the last section.

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