Sunday, July 08, 2007


Having exhausted my known Revolutionary War kin searching on
Footnote I find myself wishing I’d had already filled in some of the
information on my ancestor’s siblings on the family tree. I’m sure
there must have been some who put in for pensions or land grants
but in many cases trying to search by surname alone yielded too
many hits to handle. And despite the James Dunham error I did
find the records for Asa Barrows and John Ames and that was

I also understand that not all the Records are up as yet so at some
point in the future I will return for another look.

I’ve scanned some photos of a family picnic at Plymouth from a
very long time ago which include shots of Uncle Tommy and Aunt
Frances. There should be a post here in the next few days about
them and Aunt Katie.

I’m on vacation this next week. Since finances are low I'll be
spending it mostly at home either reading, writing, or doing
genealogy work. I might make it in to the Mass State Archives or
Boston to look up some records. This will require that I make a
plan first and organize my files a bit more.

Speaking of which, I’ve taken the “tidy up’ pledge and downloaded
the forms made available by Miriam and T.K. I don’t know how
much progress I’ll make or how quickly but it can’t hurt to get
started, can it?

Finally, as to the 07/07/07 hype: I had a different set of numbers
in my head on Saturday:07/07/27. That is my mothers’ birthday.

She would have been 80 years old yesterday. Hard to believe.

Harder still to know she is gone.

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