Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Image 8 is a page handwritten in a firm bold hand. The
penmanship is excellent and a bit ornate. I have a suspicion
that this might have been actually an earlier page in the file
and that in my haste to mine all I could I may have dl it out
of order but then I realized this pertains to his heirs after
John's death:

" N 11.634
Application of heirs of
John Ames
for pension.

In: Ames served as a private
from Apl 1775 to Jan 10, 1776
at least 8 mps &10 days

in Parker and Lawrence’s
companies Prescotts Regt
Mass. Troops

O. Witherell his orderly Sgt.
Wm. Spaulding Esq. a pensioner
who served in same Regt.

Also Deps.(?)of
C. Holland Member of congress
Chs. Fuller Esq on file in
War Department No.11.634
Case prepared by Wm Allen Jr

Image 9 is the other side of the page and the
handwriting in image show through. The document
is entirely handwritten by a different clerk:

“State of Maine
Kennebec County, Js:
Supreme Judicial Court
October term A.D. 1833
Be it known that on this twelfth day of October
1833, it has been satisfactorily proved in open Court
before the Supreme Judicial Court of said State
holden(?) at Augusta, within & for said County,
that John Ames late of Canton in said State
was an applicant for a pension under the Act of
Congress of June 7th. 1832 and that he died at
Canton aforesaid on the Seventh day of April,
1833, that Lydia Ames, his widow, also died on the
fifteenth day of the same month of April and
that his only children & lawful heirs are
John Ames, Jonathan P. Ames, Ralph Ames his sons;
and Sally Fuller wife of Isaac Fuller; Betsey
Putnam wife of James Putnam & Polly Poland
wife of Sylvanus Poland, his daughters.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
subscribed my name & affixed the
seal of said Court, this 12th day of
October, 1833
J.A. Chandler, Clerk of the Judicial
Courts, Kennebec
County “

Image 10 is the last image and shows two pages of a

The left-hand page is another preprinted form with
handwritten entries. The preprinted parts are shown here
in boldface:

File No. 31.518
John Ames
Pri Rev War
Act: June 7th 32
Index:-Vol. 2, Page 8
[Arrangement of 1870]

The next page is all handwritten.
“Mas 1796 sold pensioned
Azel Ames
161 Shawmut St
Chelsea Mass. “

I’m assuming that last translates out to “Massachusetts
1776 soldier pensioned”

But who was Azel Ames? A descendant who requested a
copy of the pension file?

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