Monday, July 09, 2007


One of the perks of vacation time when you have no plans is being
able to sleep in late. In fact, I think it’s probably a constitutional
right! Anyway, once I finally bestirred myself from bed earlier
today I did what I usually do when I have a day off: I make coffee
and toast, then I check the email and surf other folk’s genealogy

Today I was rewarded with a fascinating email from katiefloring.
She’s a distant cousin of Katharine Fearing Loring who married
my distant cousin Francis Ellingwood Abbot, and her comment on
my original post has information filling in some of the background
of Katharine’s family. Katie mentions she is working on a book
about David Loring and I look forward to reading it.

Speaking (or blogging) of Abbot(t)s, Tim Abbott of Walking the
is the subject of an article in the Litchfield County
Times. Tim’s back from vacation and his posts about Monhegan
Island are wonderful reading and dang, I wish I could write as
well as he does!

Finally, Strange Maine has two posts that had me laughing. In the
first case, all of New England has been laughing about the man who
disguised himself as a tree to rob a bank in Manchester, N.H. I feel
I must point out that the bank branch was on Elm St. And no, his
disguise didn’t work. Perhaps he’ll learn his lesson and turn over a
new leaf, or at least use bigger leaves next time.

The second post concerns strange laws in Maine. One of them
makes clear why we'll never see news reports of a skydiving moose
in Maine.


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