Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Phew, time for a breather.

Since coming home from the wedding I’ve been a busy genealogy
beaver. I sent out copies of the John Ames file to my cousin Diana
in Ohio and didn’t realize I was flooding her email box! So it took
several tries to straighten that out.

I spent a good part of Saturday night trying to send some pictures
to my Aunt Emily, her daughter Winnie and Winnie’s husband
David since the email address I have for them was incorrect. I
think that’s been straightened out as well since the last attempt
hasn’t bounced back at me since Sunday morning. Either that
or some stranger is enjoying old wedding photos!

And then of course I’ve been transcribing the material Aunt Dot
gave me which is a process of scanning the page and then typing
…then stopping to reread again what she wrote because so much
of this is fascinating to find out about Dad. (Well for me at least!
Hopefully I’m not boring those who read this blog with all this
stuff I’ve posted lately.)

So I took a break to catch up on the latest Carnival of Genealogy
which is full of great posts about surnames. And there’s those
new free World Vital Records databases Randy mentioned in a
post on Genea-Musings I want to look into.

But for the moment, I think I’ll call it a night!

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