Sunday, July 22, 2007


These are the pictures I mentioned in my previous post that my
Aunt Dot gave to me at the wedding.
These are five of the daughters of Amos Hastings Barker and his
wife BetsyMoore(?). One, Lottie/Charlotte/Charlot Lovenia
is my great grandmother and the others my great grandaunts.
The aunts are posed together in the first picture:
Lelia Barker (Skinner?)
Mary Elizabeth Barker Mills
Melinda Jane "Lena" Barker Smith
Hannah Eldorah"Dora" Barker (1)Wyman (2)Brown
And the second picture is of Lottie and her housekeeper who
has her broom in hand. Lottoe married her cousin Frank and
their daughter Cora married my grandfather. Looking at the
Barker women I can see much that my grandmother's own
What really pleases me is that I was able to send copies of
these off to the Barker cousin who I only "met" just last week
and who had given me so much helpful information!

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