Tuesday, January 01, 2013


 A new year, and another new list of genealogy goals. They're pretty much
the same goals as always, although there is one new one (#7). At least I'm
consistent in my goals.

1. Work more on my maternal lines
Plan: Thanks to being contacted by two of my White cousins I now know
more than I did last year. There still are some blanks I need to fill in yet
on the family tree.

2. Continue researching my paternal lines
Plan: I should finish working on the Ellingwood collateral lines by Spring.
I'll move on to the Houghtons and Barkers next.

3. Break down that John Cutter West brick wall!
Plan: Hope springs eternal!

4. Join a local genealogy or historical society.
Plan: I need to get this done. Actually attending any meetings will
have to wait until I get a car, though.

5. Continue with Find A Grave activities
Plan: Cemetery visits are curtailed until I get a car. However I still have
quite a backlog of photos from last Spring and Summer that need to be uploaded.

6. Trim My Tree
Plan: I need to be more agressive about this. I have too many multiple entries
for people.

7. Do some more indexing for FamilySearch

Plan: I enjoyed indexing the 1940 Census. I'd like to work on another project. I just
need to find the time.

8. Write more.
Plan: I should do better with this compared to last year since I don't have the
1940 Census to distract me. I've already posted more posts(2) than I did all
last year on The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit. Here on West in New England, I
need to  write at least one more blogpost for each month than I did last year,

9. Organize, Organize, ORGANIZE!!
Plan: Same as last year: JUST DO IT!

10. Scan, scan, SCAN!
Plan:  See #9
And as I say each year, the number  one priority about doing all of the above is to
have fun doing it!


the said...

You got me thinking about goals. I probably should write a post but I hope you don't mind if I rave here. I want to do more posting this year, and actually do another blog which I am drafting at the present time. I want to volunteer one day a week at a genealogy center (we'll see), and continue working on a book. The book tells about the thrill of the hunt when doing family history.

This is a great community of bloggers. It was fun to share "An Early Christmas Gift" on my blog. I couldn't have received a better "gift." But it would not have been possible to receive or share without many other people. You were one of the first to follow me and I appreciate that. I want you to know that I was very cautious at first and then just jumped in. For better or worse I'll always be a blogger now.
Happy New Year to you.

Bill West said...

Grant, I'm glad you jumped in and have enjoyed the blogging experience. And yes,
part of the fun is in the sharing for me too. I look forward to seeing that new blog!

Happy New Year to you as well!

Julie said...

Wishing you the best of luck in achieving your 2013 goals!