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Before going into the Revolutionary War Pension File of my 4x great grandfather
Amos Hastings, I thought I'd first give some background of his life. Amos was a
leading citizen in the early history of Bethel, Maine. I found the following
information in William Lapham's book  History of Bethel: formerly Sudbury,
Canada, Oxford County, Maine, 1768-1890; with a brief sketch of Hanover and
family statistics (Google eBook)
Press of The Maine Farmer,  Augusta Maine

"Amos Hastings was born in the west parish of Haverhill, Mass. He was in
the affair at Concord and Lexington, and also in the battle of Bunker Hill.
He served several years and came out with the rank of captain. He married
Elizabeth Wiley, a sister of the wife of John Grover, and came here from
Fryeburg. He settled at first at Middle Interval and for many years his house
was the town house. Later he moved to a farm on the north side of the river.
He was early identified with the militia of the town and held office through
the various grades to that of Brigadier General. He was a man possessed of
sound judgment which was often utilized by the town when difficult questions
came up requiring careful investigation and adjustment. He may justly be
regarded as one of the fathers of the town"

Amos is also mentioned in connection with an entry on another early settler,
Benjamin Russell:
"Benj. Russell, Esq., came to Bethel from Fryeburg, with his family, in March,
1777. Himself and Gen. Amos Hastings, then living in Fryeburg, being mounted
on snow shoes, hauled on handsleds his wife and daughter, then fifteen years
old, and who afterwards became the wife of Lieut Segar. They traveled nearly
fifty miles in two days. They camped the first night near the mills at North
Finally, in the section on Bethel's families, there's this entry:
 "                        Hastings.
General Amos Hastings,4 an early settler in Bethel, married Sept. 10, 1778, at
Fryeburg, Elizabeth Wiley who was a sister of the wife of John Grover. He was
the son of John3 and Rebecca (Kelley) Hastings, grandson of John2 and Ednah
(Braley) Hastings and great grandson of Robert,1 and Elizabeth (Davis) Hastings,
and was born in Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 3, 1757. He was prominent in early Bethel
affairs, a frequent town officer, and a leading citizen generally. Children:

i Sally, b. , m. Samuel Kilgore of Newry.
ii Amos. b. . m. Deborah Howard; r. Fryeburg.
iii Lucinda, b. April 24, 1785, d. May 5, 1790.
iv Susanna, b. May 31, 1788, m. Joses Gay of Raymond.
v Timothy, b. Oct. 31,1790, m. Hannah Bean, d. Bethel, 1844.
vi Lucinda, b. April 7, 1794, m. Thomas Fletcher.
vii John. b. May 6, 1796, m. Abigail Straw.
viii Huldah, b. April 17, 1798, m. Nathaniel Barker of Newry."


Amos never filed for a Pension, either because he was well enough off not to
need the money, or because he died  on 28Jul 1829 before he could get around to
it. His wife Elizabeth (Betsey)filed for one as his widow, but that wasn't until 1838,
and as the next posts will show, encountered some problems when she did.

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