Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've put off commenting on last night's second episode of "Who Do You
Think You Are" because I couldn't quite put my finger on why it is probably
my least favorite episode in the entire series so far. I still can't say precisely
why that is after thinking about it over the course of today.

Perhaps it was how quickly they jumped 8 generations to get Tim McGraw's
lineage back to Jost Hite. Maybe it was that he didn't seem as involved in
the actual research as Vanessa Williams was last week. I also felt less of
an emotional reaction from Tim in some parts of the story. I thought the
details of his ancestor being killed by Indians seemed to give him pause
as if he wasn't quite sure how he should react on camera to that.

It's been interesting to see how those who've reviewed last night's show
have viewed how Tim reacted. Many of the female comments have been that
he's a guy and guys don't show their emotion as much as women do. But there
were other male viewers in the Geneablogger Radio chat last night who felt the
same disconnect that I did. Don't get me wrong. I don't feel a reaction too far
towards the other end of the scale is necessary (the preview of Rosie O'Donnell's
appearance next week had me wincing atg the montage of "WOW!"s),

Even though it's the least favorite episode for me I didn't hate it. The disappearance
of the recaps is most welcome and the show just flies by. Maybe we can get them to
lengthen the time to 90 minutes?

And despite the "Wowfest" I'm looking forward to Rosie's segment next Friday night!


Jennifer Trahan said...

I agree. I enjoyed the episode, but not as much as I enjoyed Vanessa's episode. He didn't seem as involved in the research. It seemed that everyone was just handing it to him. I was slightly disappointed b/c I have long been a Tim McGraw fan. I guess being a Louisiana girl I was hoping that they would focus more on his Louisiana roots. I am looking forward to Rosie's episode as well.

Delia Furrer said...

I also agree with you. The episode did jump very quickly to several generations. I wish that they would take each generation and give a quick synopsis of how they got there and some proofs. How do we really know that he descends from Jost Hite? I loved seeing the old documents. My emotional feelings toward him and his sons being killed by the Indians was enough to draw a tear. I know for me, Genealogy is also an emotional experience.
Tim McGraw was a very likable individual and had a good presence and may have been distant enough to the "experience" because he wasn't the one to do the research. For us regular people, we by hours and hours of research work hard and long and don't have the resources available to us to always travel and retrieve the original records. When we finally find something it is a major thing!
I do enjoy the series for the most part and it so interesting where the story takes us!

John G. West said...

Bill, on the TSGS Cruiser Blog I posted a preview of the episode with the idea of pointing out the importance of starting with yourself and working back in time (Tim had learned of his true father at age 11 on his birth certificate). As many others have said the lack of involvement of Tim in his own research seemed like he really did not care all that much or hid his feelings very well. My review of the show afterwards, again brought the contents of the show back home by pointing out the connections that people in our area have to George Washington & John Posey. I will admit the 16 year old George Washington staying over night with an ancestor of Tim's trumps John Posey's son & Aide-De-Camp of General Washington being in the Illinois/Indiana area, but it brings history & Tim McGraw's story closer to home!

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino said...

Hi Bill.. I also agree. I think I was feeling more emotion on what was being put in front of him than he was. It isn't necessarily true that men don't show emotion - I wonder if they've seen all of the data before the show is filmed.. that could be part of it, I don't know.

I think last week's show with Vanessa Williams is way up there for me. Thanks for you feedback.


America said...

This is complete bullshit, like this show and the holey boatshit criminal geneology it pretends to profess. Boatshit junk geneology doesn't work in America, not then, not now, not ever. It's time to get over it, NYLA, because when America gets you over it America won't be spiritual or entertaining.

Bill West said...

Dear America,
Or should I say Melbee. Well, you've certainly worked yourself up into a tizzy, haven't you? I'm afraid I don't understand your point. Boats do not have a digestive system, so I doubt there is any boatsh*t. And if the boat was "holey" it would sink anyway, wouldn't it?

Perhaps America doesn't need genealogy but it could use people who can spell correctly and put
a coherent sentence together. And it definitely doesn't need people like yourself who make nasty remarks from the safety of anonymity because you are too insecure to use your real name.

Normally I would have just deleted your comment but I'm tired of people like yourself making these
personal attacks from the shadows.
Next time, Melbee, use a dictionary or spellchecker.

Thanks ,

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

Hi Bill,
We viewed the Tim McGraw show in the Family History Library in SLC along with a couple of hundred other people, mostly genealogists (Rootstech attendees). The 8 generations in a flash got a large laugh as well as several other 'quick' finds. We genealogists ALL know that it 'ain't' that easy :)

Gayle Gresham said...

Bill, I really liked Tim McGraw's episode with its history and stories. However, for the first time I wondered how much of the show is scripted. Some of his responses seemed scripted to me.

Janice said...


First, about Tim McGraw.. I think he was emotional, but I also think he knew before each location he knew ahead of time what he was going to see, so he would know how to reply. Just shows you how precognition might really suck.

As for your comment earlier about how boats don't have digestive systems. Oh contrare! Of course they do.. it is called a 'marine toilet' and sometimes by seasoned seagoers, a 'head.' Nuff said.

Janice at CH

John G. West said...

Bill, I think "America" has provided us with an all new look at genealogy. "Criminal" & "junk" genealogy has not been exposed for what it really is "holey boatshit." Thanks to our friend "America" we now know all about this new genealogy that has crept into our family histories. Some of you guys may not know that "holey boatshit" is the result of eating too much Swiss cheese while boating on the way to NYLA.