Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Writing about how my folks met reminded me about the oldest piece of
cutlery in my kitchen drawer:

I mentioned that my parents met each other through a blind date that my Mom's
cousin Nancy set up. She was going out with a guy named Bob at the time. When
I was born my folks asked Nancy to be my godmother, and as a christening gift
they gave me a little silverware set. The spoon and fork are long gone, but I still
have the knife.

The handle of the knife is engraved. One one side are the names "Nancy And Bob":
On the other side are my initials  "W.W." :
62 years later it sits in my cutlery tray in the kitchen drawer. Occasionally I may
inadvertently grab it and use it to butter something. It's not worth a great deal of
money, but it's a reminder of why and how I came to be here. 


Michelle Goodrum said...

What an awesome treasure!

Judy said...

Amazing how small things can hold so much memory. Did Nancy and Bob marry?

Bill West said...

Judy- No. Bob died suddenly before they were married. Nancy eventually met and married a great guy named Richie and they had a large family together.

Anglers Rest said...

What a lovely item to still have. I have my very first set of cutlery, it sits in my kitchen drawer too! although it is not as grand as yours it is still treasured.