Thursday, February 24, 2011


If yardwork at the new house was enough of a revelation, the start of my
sophomore year of high school was another. In Boston I’d taken the train
and bus to get back and forth to Cathedral High School, but in Abington
we rode those big yellow school buses. I also had the new experience of
walking to different classrooms for different classes.

I have good and bad memories of Abington High. I was the new kid in
a small high school where most of my classmates had grown up together
through the town’s school system. Some of the kids made me feel welcome,
like Steve and Jeff and Stephen. There was the bunch I worked with on the
school newspaper, The Beaver, in the Library Assistants.and on the Yearbook
Literary staff who were friendly and fun to know.

And there were the three or four guys who rode the same school bus as I did
and made the experience totally miserable. They also got their kicks knocking
my books out from under my arm as we moved between classes.  I was the
dorky kid who liked to read and who stunk at gym because none of the schools
in Boston had phys ed classes.

Eventually after a year or so they grew tired of it. A few of them got their drivers
licenses so riding the bus wasn’t so bad anymore. But those guys are the reason
I hate bullies to this day and oppose bullying for any reason whatsoever.

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Written for the Family History Writing Challenge

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